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Wizard Defense

Indir Wizard Defense - Dr. Struggle GameLoop Emulator ile PC'ye

Atisha geliştiricisinden gelen Wizard Defense - Dr, Wizard Defense. Struggle, geçmişte Android systerm üzerinde çalışıyor.

Artık Wizard Defense - Dr. Struggle'i PC'de GameLoop ile sorunsuz bir şekilde oynayabilirsiniz.

GameLoop kitaplığından veya arama sonuçlarından indirin. Artık yanlış zamanda pile bakmak veya sinir bozucu aramalar yapmak yok.

Wizard Defense - Dr. Struggle bilgisayarın keyfini büyük ekranda ücretsiz olarak çıkarın!

Wizard Defense - Dr. Struggle Tanıtım

* Game Introduction

Dr. Struggle has been dispatched due to the appearance of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

A defense game that protects the planet from monsters using magic.

Stress relief game using magic.

* How to play

Touch the screen to attack the monster using magic.

The duration of the magic is 1 minute, Wizard Defense. Defeat the monster within 1 minute!

* Game Wizard Defense magic, collect heroes and strengthen your strength!

When gold is scarce, you can go out into space and collect gold easily.

* Additional explanation

The Wizard Defense game is born!

Easy tap-and-hold defense game by touching the screen.

(Wizard Defense Game - Doctor Struggle)






Gaming commission,

Diğer diller:

  1. Official license of the online gaming industry, "white" license;
  2. Many players for whom other online casino powers are not available.
  3. Fairly low tax rates;
  4. Exemption from multiple license fees and commissions.

Organizational and legal forms of company opening.

Interest rates. license fees


Minimum authorized capital.

Protection of players' personal data

Other license requirements:

  • Contact number. +(60) 56 46 47


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