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The Protagonist. At the start of the story, he suddenly gained the ability to see game effects in real life, apparently at random. He eventually discovers that he has a natural supernatural ability that manifested in a very strange and useful way. Jee-Han's earth elemental summon. She takes on the appearance of a small girl.

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Breeder : 0. Disciple : 0.

The gamer - chapter

Elementalist : 9. Housekeeper : 0. Martial Artist : 0. Metracana Master : 0. Monster Hunter : 0. Negotiator Class : 1. Silver Arcanist : 0. Space Protector : 0.

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Tamer : 1. John in the branch of the author Funatic commonly referred to as Fun-Johnis a mixture of several magic, familiars and elementals focused classes. He is also involved in some geopolitical affairs.

The gamer tier changes, plus ability additions

His Soul Type is stated to be a rare Light Soul. July 24th is his birthday. John starts off as a pretty run of the mill gamer.

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He is of lanky build, has brown hair and eyes and looks that can aptly be described as average. Over the course of the story, this changes only mildly, as the raising of Strength and Endurance transforms him from frail to near greek god level of a chiseled body. He is of lanky build but above average looks though. Jane 'Rave' Hollmey : His girlfriend, who saved his life from a biker gang in the early days of his powers.

John (funatic)

Things progressed from there and nowadays he couldn't imagine life without her. Let's John build a Harem because of she kind of likes the idea of having girls to sleep around with herself. Aclysia : His first creation using Artificial Spirit. Maid and Lover.

The gamer fanfiction

Nathalia : A dragoness that he fell in love with the following major shenanigans. Although slightly complicated, due to Thana's social ineptitude, they share a bond of more than friendship. Her real name has been revealed to be Eliza, and Thana to be the name of the Goddess of Genocide inside her.

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Eliza is planned to be the first of John's harem to bear. Gnome : The first elemental John contracted and someone he cannot help but bully due to the extremely shy and cute reactions of the earth spirit. Salamander : The second spirit John contracted, following the Eclipse in Her hot temper is of concern sometimes, but generally, John likes to have her around. She often bickers with Sylph, which is a burden off John's shoulders, because that way he doesn't need to take care of her. Sylph : The third spirit John contracted. He likes her bubbly, cheery personality but is occasionally annoyed by her inability to shut up.

He very much likes the fact that she is a giant pervert though.

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Undine : The fourth spirit John contracted. Because of her isolationist mindset and general lack of communication, John is not quite sure what to think of her. He loves her like he loves almost all of his elementals, but he is worried about what might go on under that calm surface.

She now expresses her emotions and thoughts more readily.

John (funatic)

Momo : The second creation using Artificial Spirit. Unlike her sister, Aclysia, Momo was not made to be a loyal and loving servant. This causes her to have a bit of an aggressive stance towards her creator, but John enjoys having someone around who is more on the cynical side.

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They agreed that Momo would eventually break away from him, using the final perk of the 'Artificial Spirit' skill tree, once available. Has now broken away from the harem. Lydia : He owed a massive sum of money to the Prussian princess, who liked to remind him of that every now again. However, after Lydia warmed up to John and his group, they got along quite well.

She is quick to criticize if she thinks it's necessary and likes to command people around, but in a way, John finds that charming.

The gamer fanfiction

Now separated from the harem, due to John going back to the US. Siena : The fifth spirit John contracted. Due to Siena's wish to violently murder him, while also wanting to have him to herself for all of eternity, their relationship is somewhat hostile. John's goal is it to make the nightmare elemental see that he should not be stabbed in a dark alleyway and that the Harem is the one true way.

Siena has been converted to this point of view, and now gets on better with the Harem. The Horned Rat : The two are in alliance of convenience due to the Rat spying after John, while the Gamer is unable to hinder him.

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While John is not sure what the gods intentions towards him are, he has a great disliking of people spying on him and is, therefore, looking for a way to become stronger than the Rat. Despite their sometimes even friendly talks, their relationship could change in a heart beat.

Has a mutual defensive agreement with John. When reaching 25 50 75 in a stat John gets a Bonus or Upgrade. Synergy with Libido: Your commands and begging can now cause orgasms as a reward. If already turned on enough, you can command someone to orgasm on the spot. Synergy with Libido: In willing people that are attracted to you, you can now imprint hypnotic suggestions of the erotic variety. These suggestions can combine with your command enabled orgasms.

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The John in Funatic's branch has a large array of abilities which can broadly be categorized into three kinds:. Aside from his combat abilities, John has a selection of passives that make certain acts more pleasurable for the target of his attention. Interrupted Situation. : John Characters Fun Funatic. Cookies help us deliver our services. More information OK. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Pools HP Your dexterity grown your fingers are more nimble and able to perceive more information.

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Synergy with Endurance Pain tolerance level 3 [13]. Body is as flexible as it could be.

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Health Point Efficiency has increased. Mana Efficiency has increased. You Regenerate 0. Mana per minute. You Regenerate 1. Mana per Int increase from 9 to 11 [32].

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Synergy with Wisdom Skill Third Eye [33]. Mana per Int increase from 11 to 15 [34]. Synergy with Wisdom Skill Third Eye [35].