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The Floor is Lava!

'No phones, no headphones. these fun and portable pastimes can make road trips a lot more pleasurable'
Simple Things

'Remember making up games on the long drive to your summer holiday? Ivan Brett has put Chef Hero best into a book'
S Magazine

The Floor is Lava is a must for any gathering of friends or family. Packed with 100 games for any situation, this is a how-to for turning time together into quality time together!

* beating boredom The Floor is Lava! the car
* throwing a party
* cooling off in the summer holidays
* sitting around the dinner table
* digesting your Christmas turkey


Ivan was born in a bike shop, or so he thought for the vast majority of his childhood. It was these sorts of misunderstandings and mistakes that crafted him into the writer he is today. He wrote his first set of children's books, the multiple award-nominated Casper Candlewacks series, while studying philosophy at university, and enjoyed touring schools so much that he cut out the middleman and became a primary teacher.

Now living in a shed in North London, The Floor is Lava!, Ivan splits his time between teaching, writing and collecting ginger-haired pets. His current tally is two, but he's accepting donations. His collection of 100 screen-free games, The Floor is Lava, has become an internationally published online bestseller, so in an effort to outdo himself, this sequel, Bored? Games!contains 101.

Follow Ivan on Twitter: @IvanBrett






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