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Teleport Jumper


Sam Rothermel

The movie really just kind of becomes Bourne lite, despite possibly having better source material. You can tell that they must have glossed over some of the more interesting threads from the book as the movie is lacking in substance. A great idea that is poorly executed with a sometimes Teleport Jumper script, it's good for a once over but that's it. I hate it when the critics get it right.

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Jean Luc Pressoir

The most amazing one of the coolest superhuman abilities I ever imagine is teleport from one place to another anywhere over Teleport Jumper world on a person's mind to travel through such different as a Monkey Happy Stage 473. I love this type of movie something I want to do have this type of ability go to places I wanna go without taking no taxi, car, or place. If I do and become a superhero, I could name myself, The Nike, Teleport Jumper, the Blu Scarlet Knight, the Fastest Person Alive

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David Howard

This is on my list of amazing action movies! Teleportaion is my ABSOLUTE favorite superpower to have, which makes this movie even more interesting. I only have two downsides to this movie. First, the main actor is fine, but there are times where he doesn't have the right reactions for his character. I mean yeah he's handsome, Teleport Jumper, but at certain parts he awkwardly seems unable to express the proper emotions. Second, they could've added more dialogue in the script. But other than those things, the movie is great!

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