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Spearman Hunters

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Recruitable Units Lv. 0No.UnitSol.Costom CostRecru. CostUnkeep CostShip HP.Ship Spd.Msl, Spearman Hunters. Dmg.Rng.Sht. /minAmo.Mle, Spearman Hunters. Atk.Mle. Dmg.Chg.Mle. Def.Arm.HP.Mor.1
300Bilit'ti Sayif
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (afr_mer_light_melee_inf)
Bilit'ti Sayif
(Ethiopian Swordmen)

These swordsmen are equipped only with helmets and shields, as body armor would just burden a soldier in the hot climate. They are elite troops, and can be expected to fulfil their role as assault infantry as long as they are properly used.
300Dill'e Gora
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (afr_mer_medium_spearmen)
Dill'e Gora
(Ethiopian Spearmen)

These men are equipped with spears, shields, and helmets the quality of Codycross Alışveriş Merkezi Grup 520 Bulmaca 3 Cevapları might change depending who is levying these troops.
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (afr_mer_spearmen)
(Meroe Spearmen)

Armed with javelins, spear and shield, these troops can skirmish and face enemy infantry in melee, Spearman Hunters. They already know that they are superb hunters and warriors, and do not need to prove their skills to anyone by attacking impetuously!
300Kulus Bomani
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (afr_mer_tribal_warriors)
Kulus Bomani
(Kushite Painted Warriors)

The tribal warriors from the Kushite kingdom are described by Herodotus as half-painted in vermillion and white. They are fierce and versatile, used mostly as heavy skirmishers, fighting with clubs, axes and short spears.
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (AOR_13_South_Iberian_Cavalry)
(Iberian Cavalry)

Curisi are good medium cavalry that can perform well against light troops, but will generally get cut Spearman Hunters pieces by superior spear infantry or heavy cavalry.
300Iberi Milites
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_13_South_Iberian_Levies)
Iberi Milites
(Iberian Levies)

Iberi Milites are a reliable militia. Fast-moving and able to pepper the enemy with javelins before charging with their spears, they can be relied to beef up Iberian armies whenever numbers are paramount.
200Loricati Scutarii
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_13_South_Iberian_Loricati)
Loricati Scutarii
(Iberian Loricati)

Iberian Scutarii are tough, fast, and well-equipped medium swordsmen that form the main battle line in Iberian armies. They are very dangerous against enemy light infantry and can hold their own against heavy troops.
175Iberi Funditores
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_13_South_Iberian_Slingers)
Iberi Funditores
(Iberian Slingers)

Some Spearman Hunters stones, in the right hands, Spearman Hunters, are worth their weight in gold.
200Thureophoroi Indohellenikoi
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_23_hellenic_medium_inf)
Thureophoroi Indohellenikoi
(Indo-Hellenic Thureos Spears) These spearmen are the lightest component of the regular Indo-Greek phalanx line, equipped with a fairly light linothorax and Spearman Hunters, and an equally light helm, though a heavy thureos shield and bronze greaves afford them substantially greater defensive coverage then the traditional hoplitai of distant Hellas.
175Peltastai Indohellenikoi
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_23_hellenic_peltasts)
Peltastai Indohellenikoi
(Indo-Hellenic Peltasts) Gone is the close phalanx formation and the long spear, replaced by a somewhat looser but more skilled melee formation, Spearman Hunters. They wear Phrygian style helmets, Spearman Hunters, light cotton Thracian trousers, and carry javelins, in addition to a smaller and lighter shield. The Indo-Greeks have adapted quite well to the environment of India and have prospered. Many have become Buddhists, though they still remain fierce warriors, true to their Hellenic forefathers.
36Elephantes Indikoi
Filler / Fil / (AOR_23_Indian_War_Elephants)
Elephantes Indikoi
(Indian War Elephants)

The most exotic and temperamental of beasts, Spearman Hunters, these huge animals will trample any enemy underfoot and even scare away other smaller elephants!
120Taxilan Agema
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (AOR_23_iranian_heavy_cav)
Taxilan Agema
(Indo-Iranian Heavy Cavalry) These Indo-Iranian horsemen combine elements of both Hellenic weaponry and armour mastery, as well as the excellent Indian iron forging traditions. Wearing a Hellenic facemask and leather cuirass, and armed with a small aspis shield, as well as Spearman Hunters Smarty Kabarcıklar Yılbaşı and kopis for close work, their equipment alone would classify them as heavy cavalry.
120Kamboja Asvaka Ksatriya
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (AOR_23_iranian_light_cav)
Kamboja Asvaka Ksatriya
(Indo-Iranian Light Cavalry) Master horsemen and horse traders, Kambojas never leave an opportunity to plunder using their light cavalry. Living on both sides of the Khyber Pass, they are a part of the Arya races which stormed and conquered India, some 1500 years before. Their helmet is an evolved Boiotian one, and their primary cuirass is a quilted silk one. Their weapons are clearly Hellenic: a round aspis shield, a short kontos spear that could be held underarm in a couched stance, and a sturdy kopis for when the spear gives way.""
175Thanvare Payahdag
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_23_Persian_Archers)
Thanvare Payahdag
(Persian Archers)

Archers should be valued for ability to strike down a distant foe.
Süvari / Baskın Süvarileri / (AOR_23_Persian_Cavalry)
(Persian Cavalry)

A good cavalry charge can break the most ardent of enemies.
300Spearman Hunters Palta">
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_23_Persian_Levies)
Gund-i Palta
(Persian Levies)

Cheap spearmen are not necessarily poor spearmen and should make any horseman behave with a little respect.
300Albanoi Doryphoroi
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_28_Protoslav_Levies)
Albanoi Doryphoroi
(Protoslav Levies)

Spearmen are the defensive backbone of an army; they keep cavalry at a respectful distance.
175Skythioi Toxotai
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_28_Scythian_Archers)
Skythioi Toxotai
(Scythian Archers)

Men who cannot shoot go hungry on the steppes.
120Skythioi Hippotoxotai
Süvari / Menzilli Süvari / (AOR_28_Scythian_Horse_Archers)
Skythioi Hippotoxotai
(Scythian Horse Archers)

These horse archers can pepper an enemy with arrows and fight off unwanted attention in close combat.
175Skythioi Peltastai
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_28_Scythian_Skirmishers)
Skythioi Peltastai
(Scythian Skirmishers)

Unencumbered by armour, these fast moving skirmishers use javelins to disrupt enemy units.
300Skythioi Pezoi
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_28_Scythian_Warriors)
Skythioi Pezoi
(Scythian Warriors)

Everyone in the tribe fights. Everyone. Skill and courage will come to those who live.
80Kappadokioi Kyon
Yakın Piyade / Özel / (AOR_31_Anatolian_Mountain_Dogs)
Kappadokioi Kyon
(Anatolian Mountain Dogs)

The Anatolian shepherd dog is bred for its large size, speed and powerful jaw. Originally bred to hunt down dangerous predators such as wolves, they can easily kill a man if required.
100Kappadokioi Xistophoroi
Süvari / Baskın Süvarileri / (AOR_31_Cappadocian_Lancers)
Kappadokioi Xistophoroi
(Cappadocian Lancers)

Long spears give these cavalrymen a fearsome charge.
300Kappadokioi Haploi
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_31_Cappadocian_Levies)
Kappadokioi Haploi
(Cappadocian Levies)

Levies can fight and are relatively cheap to maintain, but lack skill and conviction.
300Galatai Lugoae
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_31_Galatian_Levies)
Galatai Lugoae
(Galatian Levies)

The chance to win glory and position makes these men fierce opponents.
300512512279117832035Spearman Hunters rowspan="2">
120Galatai Epos
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (AOR_31_Galatian_Light_Cavalry)
Galatai Epos
(Galatian Light Cavalry)

Galatians can provide excellent light cavalry, Spearman Hunters. Well-trained compared to many of their enemies' cavalry, they are invaluable to any army. They throw javelins at a distance, depleting an enemy before charging with their main spears.
300Catuiros Calgo
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_31_Galatian_Swordsmen)
Catuiros Calgo
(Galatian Swordsmen)

Once their javelins have been thrown, these Galatians can fight expertly in close combat.
200Thessalikoi Epistratoi Hoplitai
Yakın Piyade / Kargılı Piyade / (AOR_36_Greek_Levies)
Thessalikoi Epistratoi Hoplitai
(Thessalian Levy Hoplites)

Levies are plentiful, and can stand in battle when properly Spearman Hunters rowspan="2">29
200Thessalikoi Ekdromoi Hoplitai
Yakın Piyade / Kargılı Piyade / (AOR_36_Greek_Light_Hoplites)
Thessalikoi Ekdromoi Hoplitai
(Thessalian Light Hoplites)

Discipline is needed to carry a spear Spearman Hunters bear a shield in the phalanx.
175Macedonikoi Euzonoi
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_36_Greek_Light_Peltasts)
Macedonikoi Euzonoi
(Macedonian Light Peltasts)

These skirmishers sensibly withdraw from threats while harassing the enemy with javelins.
200Thessalikoi <i>Spearman Hunters</i> colspan=Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_36_Greek_Thureos_Spears)
Thessalikoi Thureophoroi
(Thessalian Thureos Spears)

These well-trained warriors are a flexible force of skirmishing spearmen.
80Molossoi Kyon
Yakın Piyade / Özel / (AOR_36_Molossian_Hounds)
Molossoi Kyon
(Molossian Hounds)

Vicious hounds bred by the Molossian shepherds of Epirus to guard the flocks and fight off any wolves. This dog breed is also used in war, and highly prized across the Greco-Roman world.
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (AOR_5_Germanic_Cavalry)
(Germanic Cavalry)

Reidonez ride small and sometimes poor quality horses, Spearman Hunters, though they are excellent light cavalry. They are useful as scouts as well as skirmishers. However, like many Germanic warriors, they can lack battle-discipline and be overeager to enter battle against worthy opponents. This can lead them to be headstrong and difficult to restrain before a fight, as personal glory gained in battle is always welcome. Honour and standing come from fighting, and sometimes the urge for glory overwhelms their good sense!
120108410842611203422035Spearman Hunters rowspan="2">
Menzilli Piyade / Menzilli Piyade / (AOR_5_Germanic_Hunters)
(Germanic Hunters)

A deer or a man: the target Spearman Hunters needs killing.
200Apulii Extraordinarii
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_9_Apulian_Infantry)
Apulii Extraordinarii
(Apulian Heavy Infantry)

Disciplined, highly skilled, Spearman Hunters, and carrying the best equipment available, Spearman Hunters, these Apulians usually fight with a sword, but have one or two additional spears for throwing between engagements. These troops are former extraordinarii in Roman service, mostly from Apulia and Calabria, Spearman Hunters, who now serve as mercenaries.""
200Kampanioi Hoplitai
Yakın Piyade / Kargılı Piyade / (AOR_9_Campanian_Hoplites)
Kampanioi Hoplitai
(Campanian Hoplites)

These men are typical hoplites, wearing feathered or crested helmets, along with greaves and breastplates, Spearman Hunters. Their weapons include the dory, xiphos, and the classic large aspis shield. However, Spearman Hunters, they are more mobile than classic hoplites, useful as flanking heavy infantry rather than a central phalanx unit.
200Ensiferi Italici Reformati
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_9_Italian_Late_Swordsmen)
Ensiferi Italici Reformati
(Italian Late Swordsmen)

Re-armed with mail, Spearman Hunters, pila and a gladius, these well-trained soldiers allow empires to be made.
300Italici Milites
Yakın Piyade / Mızraklı Piyade / (AOR_9_Italian_Levies)
Italici Milites
(Italian Levies)

Angry Italians with spears should never be dismissed lightly.
200Ensiferi Italici
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_9_Italian_Swordsmen)
Ensiferi Italici
(Italian Swordsmen)

Never underestimate an Italian in battle: he will smile even as he guts you.
300Taurisci Securiferi
Yakın Piyade / Yakın Piyade / (AOR_9_Italy_Taurisci_Axemen)
Taurisci Securiferi
(Taurisci Axemen)

One of the last Ligurian tribes Spearman Hunters survive the Boii and Gallic invasions and assimilation, the Taurisci survive in central Italy. Seen as barbarians by the Romans and most of the southern Italic civilisations, they are equipped with a scutum, javelins, and a deadly light axe, similar to the Illyrian and Venetian tribes. These axemen are renowned as assault infantry.
60Baggage Train
Süvari / Yakın Süvari / (Supply_African)
Baggage Train
Baggage trains grant a bonus to armies connected to supply lines, by reducing logistics costs. A baggage train can supply armies even under harsh weather conditions, and is vital for prolonged military campaigns.





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