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Sisters Together Forever

Bertha and Tille: Sisters Forever

Bertha and Tille: Sisters Forever E-Kitap Açıklaması

Bertha and Tillie find fun in doing just about everything together. Sisters Together Forever, sometimes Bertha is overwhelmed by the pressures of school, getting only A’s and competing with her friends for their attention. When Bertha’s cousin Penelope Mia decides to target her and make her feel small in many ways Bertha rebels. In Bertha Fights Back, find out what happens when she joins a gang and gets involved with the wrong kids, Sisters Together Forever. Learn about her tolerance and understanding program. Then read what happens when she goes to Dancing School, takes Ice Skating Lessons and Tillie goes to modeling school. Bertha and Tillie - Sisters Forever is filled with stories based on real life events experienced by the author and her sister, Marcia Joyce. The first half of the book is based on the author’s experiences as an educator in the NYC Rack em 8 Ball School System as a reading and writing Staff Developer and Dean.

“As a career educator, Fran Lewis has keen insight into the hearts and minds of children. Beyond Fran’s professional service to children, she is personally dedicated to taking on the growing problem of Bloc and abuse. Fran not only touches lives through her personal commitments, but reaches many more people through her writing, which both entertains and educates.”

Michael Tabman, Retired FBI Agent, Author of crime novels Midnight Sin and Bad Intent; and non-fiction, Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People

“…This book is an innocent slice of a young woman’s life and Sisters Together Forever back to an era when manners were king. Ms. Lewis crafted a piece of Americana for young women to read and reflect upon, similar to the American Girl series.”

Bennet Pomerantz columnist for Amazon and A Piece of the Page

  • Ürün Adı Bertha and Tille: Sisters Forever
  • Fran Lewis
  • Barkod 9781604146486





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