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Sex games apps 2016 for android

No longer an intimacy killer, foreplays apps will turn your smartphone into your new favorite sex toy. Here are the seven foreplay apps and sex game apps we recommend for turning your sex life up a notch:. Dirty Game - Hot Truth or Dare takes a classic game to a new level.

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No longer an intimacy killer, foreplays apps will turn your smartphone into your new favorite sex toy.

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These games provide you with relationship quizzes and some spicy challenges, and they are great for long-distance couples!

Porn games android

The first game on our list is a relationship quiz that will examine how well you know your ificant other. As you may guess, this game is filled with various questions for couples. But the main goal of the app is not to test your knowledge of each other but to help you find out more about each other. Therewith, this game is great for all stages of a relationship — from new lovers to married couples.

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Secondly, you both will be given the same questions to answer. The game covers hundreds of questions on various topics — from more casual to naughty ones.

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You may also save the round any time needed and continue it later on. Another cool thing is — all the answers are being saved in your acc so you can always use them to find a gift idea or else. Desire is a couples game that lets you exchange some spicy dares with your partners and earn points for completing them.

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Frankly speaking, this game is a new improved version of a good-old truth or dare. Besides, the game has a couple hundred dares you can send to your ificant other and new ones are being released every week.

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As was already mentioned, each dare costs some points. Plus, the game covers a daily quiz that will ask you some love-related questions. Wefeel is an interactive game for two that will boost your relationship.

7 intense foreplay apps to get your juices flowing

Tell me something new about yourself — one of the most mind-freezing questions out there. In most situations, it feels impossible to answer it right away. This game is here to help with that — its main goal is to let you know more about your partner via entertaining mini-games.

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The mechanics are simple — you and your partner need to create s and link them to each other. Your goal is to finish the maps and complete all the challenges the game offers. It needs to be said, all the questions and challenges are made in collab with pro psychologists so it can actually develop your relationship.

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As for the mini-games, there are 13 options to choose from so there s something for everyone. Some games work like quizzes and some require you detailed response.

Porn games android

Each answer you guess being you 1 point and the one who gets more points — wins. The win gives you the ability to pick a prize which is usually some spicy favor. Besides, this game will let you know some tips for your ificant other. All the answers are also being saved and you can view them any time to use in a real life. The game is verified and recommended by psychologists so no worries about that.

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However, the game is built on the concept that no great long-lasting relationship can do without great sex. And this game is here to help you and your partner to know more about your preferences and desires. In order to get started with the game, you and your partner will need to create the accs and pair them with each other.

Herewith, all the bedroom games can be customized according to your comfort level.

5 free multiplayer games for couples (android & ios)

It lets you answer revealing questions, own fantasies and desires, and even gives you some conversation topics. The app also covers dozens of articles written by pro-sex experts for you to read. How well do you know your ificant other? Related Articles.

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