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Play Phone for Kids - Fun educational babies toy

Baby Toy Phone - Learning games for kids

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You might notice how your child often reaches you and your phone. They mimic the actions of parents to learn how to be an adult. However, giving them a Play Phone for Kids - Fun educational babies toy plastic brick is not enough.

Fun games like Baby Phone can help your child spend time enjoying games and learn something new.

Baby Phone is a virtual smartphone for your little entrepreneur. Besides bright colors and calm music, there's a dial, contact list, and additional games.

Your child can learn how to:

Tell time and identify time on the clock. Our colorful clock tells the time out loud when tapped.
Link the numbers to the sounds while dialing the phone number.
Talk to their contact list of humans of different professions and animals. This can help your child learn about professionals and their tools.

We also included:

Code-protected settings section for you (parents) so that your child doesn't accidentally change settings and parameters.
Additional games such as balloon popping game (as real smartphones have *wink* *wink*)
Not going to lie, even our app testers have fun going through the game. And how adorable it is when a little farmer or a chef calls your child back?

Baby phone is an interactive game that mimics real smartphones as much as possible. So it's not only your child calling their new friends, but them saying hello as well.

Baby Phone is a perfect tool to keep your child's brain stimulated, excited, playful, and to win some extra alone time for yourself as well.

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