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Pepi Doctor

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Is your children afraid to visit hospital? And what about dentist? Get some help from a child Pepi Doctor educational game Pepi Doctor!

Pepi Doctor is an educational pretend play hospital game, where children will get a chance to explore and learn about doctors’ tools as well as play as a doctor in order to help three little Pepi characters: Amber, Eva and Milo, Pepi Doctor.

It’s easy and fun to be a Doctor in this child friendly hospital! Children will explore a variety of doctors’ tools and will not only learn about, but at the same Pepi Doctor will treat five different conditions at their own pace: cure flu, apply patches after an unexpected bike ride accident, Pepi Doctor, be a dentist and heal a sore tooth and the most powerful X-ray will help to find and heal a broken bone.

After a successful procedure, little doctors will be rewarded by cheerful applauses and grateful smiles from cute characters: Amber, Eva and Milo.

Key features:
• 3 lovely and playful hand-drawn characters;
• 5 different educational child friendly game situations: cure flu, x-ray broken bone, become a dentist and heal a tooth;
• Learn about more than 20 kinds of Çömlek Yapma Oyunu most interesting doctor’s tools;
• Colourful animations and excellent sound effects;
• No rules, win or lose situations;
• Recommended age for little players: from 2 to 6 years.

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29 May 2020






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