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Magic Cube

Magic Cube

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Play with:

- Cubes from 2x2x2 to 7x7x7 (+ bandaged variants)
- Pyraminxes from 3x3x3 to 5x5x5 + Jing's Pyraminx
- Megaminxes from 2x2x2 to 5x5x5
- Octahedrons from 2x2x2 to 4x4x4
- Trajber's Magic Cube and 4x4 Magic Cube Skewb, Master Skewb, Magic Cube, Skewb Ultimate
- Dino Cube (6 and 4 color)
- Helicopter Cube, Rex Cube, Redi Cube, Ivy Cube
- Square-1 and Square-2
- Mirror Cubes (2x2x2 to 4x4x4)
- Cuboids (2x2x3, 3x3x2, 3x3x4)
- Windmill Cube, Fisher Cube, Axis Cube
- Pyramorphix

Learn how to solve all the above puzzles by watching Tutorials available in many languages!

Discover 2500 'Pretty Patterns' - sequences of moves that result in a pretty, wild, or otherwise interesting pattern (be sure to check out the spectacular 'I Love U' 5x5x5 pattern!)

Set up a starting position on your 3x3x3 Cube and solve it with a built-in near-perfect Solver.

Measure up against other cubers on the High Scores list!

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27 Tem 2022






Gaming commission,

Veri güvenliği:

  1. Official license of the online gaming industry, "white" license;
  2. Many players for whom other online casino powers are not available.
  3. Fairly low tax rates;
  4. Exemption from multiple license fees and commissions.

Organizational and legal forms of company opening.

Interest rates. license fees


Minimum authorized capital.

Protection of players' personal data

Other license requirements:

  • Contact number. +(60) 56 46 47


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