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Little Panda’s Camping Trip

Johny Johny Yes Papa - A camping trip

Johny johny yes papa is a kids famous rhyme. This app provide fun and education for kids and children, Little Panda’s Camping Trip. Its babies app

This Johny Johny app has contains five famous English poems. Every poems has lyrics and beautiful audio of Bowling Kulübü Johny yes papa is a perfect app for your kids. Nursery Rhymes Song and Videos is fully offline app and doesn't require any internet connection. It has various English Nursery Rhymes along with images and audio.

The interface is very simple keeping in mind that the app would be used by Kids. Updated regularly as per user feedback.

Johny Johny Little Panda’s Camping Trip Papa Lyrics :
Johny Johny
Yes Papa
Eating sugar?
No, papa
Telling lies?
No, papa
Open your mouth
Ah, ah, ah!
Johny, Johny
Yes, Papa
Eating sugar?
No, papa
Telling lies?
No, papa
Open your mouth
hahahah hahaha hahaha .!!!

List Of Nursery Rhymes Song and Videos in the app:
1. Twinkle Twinkle
2. Johny Johny
3. Jack And Jill
4. Ding Dong bell
5 Hickory dickory Dock

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