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Leap Day

Are you looking for a funny and unique Leap Year / Leap Leap Day birthday gift for your friend or family member who is one of the world population's rare leaplings, leapers, Leap Day, or leapsters?

This blank lined journal is the perfect gift for anyone who will be celebrating their Leap Year / Leap Day birthday on February 29 (2/29), Leap Day. It can also be given as a fun "just because" kind Leap Day gift any non-leap year for leap day babies who love journaling or want a simple diary or notebook for writing down stories and random thoughts.

Leap Day Baby: Another Year Older But Four Years Wiser - 32 Is the New 8 Notebook Design and Features:

The cover features a dark gray background with a hilarious title that only Leap Day babies would understand: "Leap Day Baby: Another Year Older But Four Years Wiser - 32 Is the New 8".

The first page inside includes a place for the leaper to write their name.

The rest of the notebook simply features blank lined pages with the text "Leap Day Baby • 32 Is the New 8" included at the bottom of every page.

  • 6x9 soft cover paperback with glossy finish
  • Title page with blank line for gift recipient to write their name
  • Lined pages
  • 120 total pages





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