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Javelin Fighting

List of equipment of the Malaysian Army

Vehicle Image Type Origin Quantity Notes TanksPT-91M PendekarKereta kebal atm.jpgMain battle tank Poland48[1][2]Armed with 125mm 2A46MS gun. Armoured personnel carrier/Infantry fighting vehicle (tracked) ACV-300 AdnanACV-300 Adnan.jpgJavelin Fighting height="112">Armoured combat vehicle Turkey
 Malaysia267[3]Built locally by DefTech. The variants included Sharpshooter 25mm cannon, M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, Javelin Fighting, 81mm mortar, Javelin Fighting, Dragon Fire 120mm mortar, Javelin Fighting, Mk19 grenade, Baktar Shikan ATGM and support vehicle. K-200 KIFVK200A1.jpgArmoured combat vehicle South Korea111[4]The variants included M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, 81mm mortar and support vehicle.[5]Bandvagn 206Bandvagn Bv206S Netherlands Marine Corps.jpgArmoured all-terrain carrier Sweden80[1]Armed with 7.62mm GPMG.[6][7]Armoured personnel carrier/Infantry fighting vehicle (wheeled) AV8-Gempita (8x8)Kereta perisai atm.jpgArmoured combat vehicle Turkey
 Malaysia257[8]Built locally by DefTech. The variants included Denel LCT-30mm cannon, Javelin Fighting, Sharpshooter 25mm cannon, 12.7mm RCWS, Dragon Fire 120mm mortar, ZT3 Ingwe ATGM and support vehicle.[9]SIBMAS (6x6)Sibmas AFSV-90 Muzium Tentera Darat.JPGArmoured fire support vehicle Belgium186[10]162 units armed with Cockerill 90mm gun and 24 as support vehicle, Javelin Fighting. Condor (4x4)Malaysian Condor.jpgArmoured personnel carrier Germany316[11]Armed with 20mm cannon. Originally 460 units. Some were lost in Javelin Fighting Battle of Mogadishu and others were used Javelin Fighting peacekeeping missions in various countries.[12]AV4-Lipanbara (4x4)Chaiseri First Win.jpgArmoured personnel carrier Thailand
 Malaysia20[13]Built locally by DefTech. About 200 AV-4 planned. Armed with M134D gatling gun.[14]Ejder Yalcin (4x4)Thumbs b c d0742ff69c3760b985f82fe63ebdd91c.jpgArmoured personnel carrier Turkey20[15]Armed with Aselsan SARP RWS. Used in peacekeeping missions in Lebanon. Guardian (4x4)Bangladesh Police IAG Guardian APC. (32443084686).jpgArmoured personnel carrier United Arab Emirates9[16]Used in peacekeeping missions in Lebanon. AV-VBL (4x4)ASTROS II-AV-VBL AV-OFVE (6125003769).jpgArtillery command vehicle Brazil10[1]Armed with M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun. Command vehicle of Astros II MLRS, Javelin Fighting. Light tactical vehicle/Light assault vehicleURO VAMTACURO VAMTAC, ST5 BN3, URO Vehículos Especiales S.A, <b>Javelin Fighting</b>. Spain, 2015.jpgLight tactical vehicleJavelin Fighting tactical vehicle that is strongly similar to the United States-made Humvee. The variants include M134D gatling gun, Javelin Fighting, M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, Javelin Fighting, Mk19 grenade launcher and Igla SAM or Starstreak SAM.[17][18]Cendana Auto RoverCendana Auto LTV specifications stand at the booth during 2022 exhibition.jpgLight tactical vehicle Malaysia207+[19]Light tactical vehicle that is strongly similar to the United States-made Humvee. The variants include 16 units SF-21X special operation vehicle, 49 units armed tactical ground vehicle, Javelin Fighting, 72 units MT-815 81mm mortar transporter and 70 units fitted for radio.[20]Weststar GK-M159th Merdeka Day, Picture 8.jpgLight Javelin Fighting vehicle Malaysia100+[21]Light tactical vehicle that is strongly similar to the United States-made Humvee. The variants include M134D gatling gun, M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, Mk19 grenade launcher, Javelin Fighting, Starstreak SAM and fitted for radio.[22][23][24]Mercedes-Benz G-ClassSabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-221.jpgLight assault vehicle Germany91+[8]32 G Javelin Fighting installed with M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, 34 G Wagon installed with Mk19 grenade ,12 G Wagon installed with Metis-M ATGM and others are basic variant. Glover Webb HornetGlover Web Hornet with Malaysian Army GGKs Commando in Port Dickson army show in 2013.jpgLight assault vehicle United Kingdomunknown[25]Armed with 7.62mm GPMG and M2 Browning 12.7mm Javelin Fighting gun. All terrain mobility vehicle/ScramblerSupacat ATMPMalaysian Supacat.jpgAll terrain mobility vehicle United Kingdom17[8]Armed with 7.62mm GPMG and some used as mortar carrier. TGB Blade 600Honda FourTrax Rancher.jpgAll terrain mobility vehicle Taiwanunknown[26]Kawasaki KLX250SSabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-218.jpgScrambler Japan378[27]WMoto SXR 300French Army biker dsc06873.jpgScrambler Malaysia70[28]ArtilleryAstros II MLRS
Operação Formosa 2014 (15481886779).jpg
300mm multiple launch rocket system  Brazil 54[29][30]DenelG5 howitzer
SANDF Armed Forces Day 2017 - South African Army G5 155mm howitzer (32892350632).jpg
155mm towed artillery  South Africa 28[29]OTO Melara Mod 56
L5 Pack Howitzer Clyde, Otago, New Zealand.jpg
105 mm towed artillery  Italy 110[29]M102M102 Howitzer A1206 Tai Iraq 2004.JPG105 mm towed artillery  United States 40[31]Used as a ceremonial purpose. LG1LG1 105-mm Howitzers, <b>Javelin Fighting</b>, Artillery School, CFB Gagetown, NB.JPG105 mm towed artillery  France 18[32]Used by 10th Parachute Brigade. Engineering/UtilitySJ-09T-72 Fahrschulpanzer 1.jpgTraining tank Poland1[1]WZT-4POL Warsaw WZT-3.jpgArmoured recovery vehicle Poland6[1]MID-MMID Polish.jpgArmoured engineering tank Poland3[1]PMC LeguanPMC Leguan.jpgArmoured vehicle launched bridge Poland5[1]Vickers BR-90AVLB 01.jpg8x8 vehicle launched bridge United Kingdom3[33]Carried on MAN SX 8x8. CNIM PFMCharleville mezieres defilé 14 juillet 2010 04.jpgVehicle launched bridge France2[1][34]Oshkosh HEMTTHEMTT truck.JPEG8×8 heavy expanded mobility tactical truck United Statesunknown[35]Dongfeng HEMTTChinese 8x8 military truck.jpg8×8 heavy expanded mobility tactical truck China3[36]Mercedes-Benz Actros HGMSMercedes-Benz Actros 4141 AK AHSVS.jpg8x8 heavy ground mobility system Germanyunknown[37]Installed with Faun Trackway. MAN TMSSMAN truck of the Royal Netherlands Army with TRML -Telefunken Radar Mobil Luftraumüberwachung, pic3.JPG8x8 tactical mobility support system Germany2[38]Installed with Faun Trackway. Volvo FL71993 Volvo F10 (K424 SLR).jpgPrime mover Swedenunknown[39]Iveco EuroTrakkerIveco Trakker Polish-Army.jpgTank transporter Italy28[8]Avibras AV-UCFTECTRAN AV-UCF fire control vehicle.JPGFire control vehicle Brazil6[1]Astross II MLRS fire control vehicle carried on Tectran 6x6, Javelin Fighting. Volvo FL10 LRVJ&B Towing Volvo heavy duty tow truck "Wolf" (16776461582).jpg4x4 light recovery vehicle Swedenunknown[39]Mercedes-Benz L-Series LRVOslo - Mercedes-Benz 1113.jpg4x4 light recovery vehicle Germany22[1][8]Isuzu FTS33H LRVJASDF Isuzu Forward & VADS1 Kai in Hamamatsu Air Base 20140928.JPG4x4 light recovery vehicle Japan13[1]Iveco Trakker 440Iveco Trakker GTF <b>Javelin Fighting</b> src=6x6 heavy recovery vehicle Italy4[1]Volvo FMXEMPL tow truck Volvo FMX 540.jpg8x8 heavy recovery vehicle Australia2[40]Iveco M4010/M4012Sabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-226.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Italy29[8]M4010 - Field ambulance.
M4012 - Communication. Iveco DailyIveco MUV Chassis Cab (2).jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Italy61[41]22 units of Multi Channel Radio System.
36 units of Gun Tower.[42]
3 units of Tactical Electronic Warfare.[43]Iveco EuroCargoKamion Iveco Eurocargo - veza (HV).jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Italy162[44][45]150 units of 3 tonne GS truck.
12 units of 5 tonne GS truck. MAN TGTG MIL TGM.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Germanyunknown[8]3 tonne and 5 tonne MAN TGM/MAN TGS GS truck. Tatra 815Tatra-T815 780R59 PICT0028.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Czechunknown[8]5 tonne GS truck, Javelin Fighting. Isuzu Javelin Fighting alt="JASDF Isuzu Forward(Right Side View) at Nara Base 20150606.JPG" src="" width="150" height="84">Multi-purpose vehicle Japan29[1]DefTech HandalanSandakan Sabah Balai-Bomba-05.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Malaysia2,260[46]414 on order under three different tenders since 2019.[47]AMDACAMDAC army vehicle during 57th NDP.jpgMulti-purpose Javelin Fighting alt="" src="" width="23" height="12"> Malaysiaunknown[48]The 4x4 and 6x6 multi-purpose vehicle locally manufactured based on Roman-DAC design.[49]Pinzgauer multi-purpose vehiclePinzgauer All-Terrain Troop Transport.JPGMulti-purpose vehicle Austria330[48]The 4x4 and 6x6 vehicle that partially retired. Some vehicle uses as gun tower and multi-purpose carrier. Land Rover DefenderSabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-224.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle United Kingdom3600[50]DefTech/Weststar/Go Auto GS CargoGS Cargo of Malaysian Army (cropped).jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Malaysia365[51][52]Ford Ranger2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4X4 facelift 3.2 Front.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle United Statesunknown[53]Toyota HiluxToyota Hilux (eighth generation) (front), Serdang.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Japanunknown[1]Isuzu D-Max2007 Isuzu Rodeo Denver MAX 2.5 Front.jpgMulti-purpose vehicle Japanunknown[1]





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