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Artık Thumbelina Horse Racing'i PC'de GameLoop ile sorunsuz bir şekilde oynayabilirsiniz.

GameLoop Horse Racing Games veya arama sonuçlarından indirin. Artık yanlış zamanda pile bakmak veya sinir bozucu aramalar yapmak yok.

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Thumbelina Horse Racing Tanıtım

Thumbelina Horse Racing is a game where you enjoy new mountain racing tracks and race with dwarf miniature horse. Thumbelina world’s smallest horse, you must enjoy tiny horse race with other Thumbelina horse. You also saw beautiful horses outside the track and world amazing mountains. We bring the new horse game with the idea of Thumbelina horse.

In this horse racing game, you will race with other tiny horses Canavar Kamyon Yolu Oyunu win the race for better result, Horse Racing Games. On the start of the game you will see other competitor horse and starting track. Just control your joystick and direction for smooth running, and must avoid with hurdles. Hurdles slow your speed and waste of time. And don’t losses your control and touch the final line within time and before any other horse take your position. Enjoy stunning 3d graphic, track through mountains and most efficient and realistic animations. This game is considered for animal racing games fans, where kids, girls, Horse Racing Games, boys of all ages will be enjoy new horse race game 2021. We know you will get addicted to this game because there is no need of Wi-Fi or a lot of storage.

Download and enjoy your Thumbelina horse racing game for free.






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