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Hexagon Fall

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Balance a hexagon (a geometry-shape with six sides) while crushing, blasting, and destroying Hexagon Fall of colorful-blocks. Reach the flag at the bottom of the tower to win! Be careful, the tower can tumble and cause the hexa to trip into the abys. The game mechanic is a combination of geometry logic, puzzle, strategy. Relax and pick carefully which part to destroy. Sometimes the player might need to react quickly, Hexagon Fall, so the game has arcade and reflex element as well.

* Simple one-touch mechanic. Just tap & tap with single touch and start playing.
* Driven by sophisticated physics engine. Objects react to gravity, mass, friction, and shape. They can roll, flip and tumble as if they have real-world physics.
* Variety of Hexagon Fall shapes and stack structures: pillars, monuments, polygon, Hexagon Fall, triangles, squares, and other abstract structures.
* 2 game-modes: infinite & level based/staged challenges.
* In the level-mode, there are over challenges, most can be played on quick successions, or for short relaxing time during breaks.
* In infinite mode, descend an endless-rows Hexagon Fall grids, while keeping the avatar balanced.
* Worldwide high-score leaderboard for the infinite mode. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?
* Surreal-style artwork, often with visually striking-colors.
* Hand-picked sounds & special effects (the hexagon glows, things explodes with cool particle effects and gradient of colors).
* All the content are free to play. No In App Purchase or subscription required.

* Before tapping and blasting away, observe the structure and geometry carefully .
* Some blocks may affect others ones, causing the stack to roll, drop, fall or objects to slip. Deciding which object to crush and destroy is crucial.
* The middle blocks nearest to the avatar are usually safer to blast.
* Unbalanced blocks on the sides aren't safe - they may slip.
* Horizontal full-width planks are usually safer to blast, Hexagon Fall, but they can be useful as landing platforms, too.
* Leaving objects on left & right as "barrier" may prevent avatar from falling (with six sides, Hexagon Fall, it rolls easily when there's nothing blocking it).
* Wide platforms are useful as landing spots on narrower path.
* Moving the hexagon quickly can be hazardous because it has six sides (its shape is almost like a ball, and thus it can roll easily if it's affected by too much force).
* Strategy is emphasized but quick-reaction and reflex can be beneficial as well.

So if you're looking for a free addictive physics puzzle game, then download and start playing now. Balance the towers of blocks. Don't let the hexagon fall! We hope you enjoy the game!

* Many more levels.
* Improved user interface.

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F Permadi

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