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Gold Diggers

Why would the author title a book about seeking God something like Gold Diggers? Nowadays, when we think about a gold digger, we usually think of someone who's out to take advantage of another person or situation. Well, Paula Trow wants us to think about a miner, a person who digs deep in the earth to find treasure. We are going Gold Diggers learn to dig deep into God's Word and His person, to find the ultimate treasure of relationship with Him.

Maybe the best thing about digging for gold in God's Word is that not only do we come to know Him better, Gold Diggers, but we come to know ourselves better too. We come to see ourselves Gold Diggers He sees us. We find the unique treasures He placed in us when He created us, Gold Diggers. With that knowledge comes excitement and deeper relationship with our great Creator. And with that excitement comes a desire to reach out and dig for gold in other people-to help them come to the same saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that we have found, so that they can find gold too.

That's the kind of gold digger the author hopes everyone who reads this book will become. Are you ready to do some mining?






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  • Contact number. +(60) 56 46 47


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