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Giantess city games

The alien race Biolok is conqueing the earth as we speak using humans as their main weapon. They abduct and impant some kind of mind control chip in peoples brains so they can no longer fully control themselves and make them gigantic. So instead of destroying humanity themselves the aliens let humanity destroy itself as they watch.

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Please Wait. Giantess City. Displaying to of Games. Fascinating city car coloring Type: Arcade Rating: None. Fascinating city car coloring Game.

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Emma looked back to see her BBW girlfriend standing with her hands on her hips. She took her drawstring backpack off and leaned in closer, her hands on her knees, and actually giantess city games miniature cars driving along miniature ro, and ant-sized people milling around.

All of a sudden, a huge bare foot with dark blue toenails slammed down in front of her on top of the cars and people she was watching. Emma fell back onto her ass. What the hell was that for? The realization that her massive-sized body had just slammed down onto the ground struck Emma like a wall.

Kelsey reached out and helped her friend up. I mean, when was the last time you cried after stepping on an ant? While she stood up and brushed off all the dust and anything else that was stuck to her naked body. She felt her pinky and big toes crush houses and backyards while the rest of her foot dug huge holes in the earth. Kelsey stuck her arms out like she was balancing a tightrope as she stepped one foot in front of the other.

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While she had her fun, Emma trailed behind a little bit, her eyes focused on the destruction in front of her. Kelsey and Emma had been girlfriends for a few years, and the sight of Kelsey naked always turned her on, but the playfulness of her destructive ways was making her tingle a little more than usual.

When she got to the intersection at the end of the road, Kelsey stopped and swayed a little bit. Look out! Giantess city games Kelsey stood up, they both looked at the imprint she left in the ground, which emphasized her chubby stomach and large breasts. A closer look saw how the ground had been pushed into a smooth concrete-like surface.

Kelsey brushed herself off and looked back down at Emma, who was still examining the destruction before her. Before Emma could finish admiring the holes in the earth, she was tugged upwards again to stand alongside her girlfriend.

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Just put your arms out and let your body fall backwards. And Emma agreed. She closed her eyes, exhaled deeply, held her arms straight out, and leaned backwards. Kelsey repositioned herself as she got a better idea as to where Emma was going to land.

However, it would not help them at all. While she was a tiny stick-of-a-person at normal height, she was not the second-largest and second most dangerous living object on earth. Her eyes were shut very tightly, as if she was trying to prevent her brain from jumping out.

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It even caused Kelsey to jump back a little bit as she laughed her ass off. After thinking it over, and after the initial adrenaline from being scared shitless wore off, Emma cracked a smile. Kelsey stood up and held out her hand, which Emma took to pull herself up. The twosome brushed each other off. As they looked around, Emma walked over to pick up the backpack.

On her way, she completely crushed a house with her foot, driveway and all.

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She picked up the bag and threw her arms through the string straps. When she turned around to head back to where Kelsey was, she saw that Kelsey was instead behind her, bent over looking at something intently. Emma then noticed what she was looking at…her nearly-perfect footstep. She saw two ends of the road end where her foot had landed. Kelsey got down on her knees and leaned in as close to the footprint as she could.

Giantess city

Emma leaned over above Kelsey and stared for a few moments. Sure enough, she saw a smaller-than-an-ant person moving around a little bit. Then, a devious thought came across her mind. Emma looked down at her cute hot pink toenails and wiggled her toes. She then lifted her right foot up and slammed it down on top of the little person. Instinctively, her hand ventured down to her crotch and her fingers started to tease her lips a little bit. Both of them fiddled around with her lips, occasionally going inside her just a little.

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They both realized that the whole situation was finally becoming a hot reality to Emma. Emma pulled Kelsey up and kissed her lips, then pointed her sticky, cum-kissed hand towards the city. The tremors started off as occasional light rumbles. But when they started getting stronger and came at a steady pace, people started to worry. Some turned on the news and saw something horrific…two monstrous naked women roaming the land, crushing everything in their path. And the worst part was that they were heading straight for the heart of the city. People poured out of buildings.

Some of the more curious or stunned people just stayed in place and watched the women approach their city. Each girl was shorter than the tallest buildings, but their feet could still crush a transit bus flat. They were holding hands at first, but when the main road between the buildings became too narrow, they maneuvered single-file, still holding hands. Down below, people and cars alike were being crushed as if they meant nothing to the giantesses. It all felt like she was watching giantess city games movie from a first-person view, and kept thinking how detailed it all looked, but the crunching under her sensitive soles kept reminding her that it was all real.

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Even though she was warming up to the feeling of being so powerful, Emma still tried to walk around the people if she could, but knew that it was impossible to miss everything. One thing that made it a bit easier was trying to walk where Kelsey did.

Unlike these little ants! She always liked how dominant Kelsey was in bed, but this was something completely beyond that.

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Emma followed behind Kelsey, playing her own little game. She walked along as if she was taking a leisurely stroll through the park. Kelsey was taken by shocking surprise. Not once did she think about all the people that she crushed. Emma ran down the road a few blocks, squishing anything unfortunate to be in her path. She turned around briefly to see Kelsey getting up to start running after her. She let out a laugh.

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This was a very unfortunate fact for the people working in the office building that she smashed through. Although the workers in the building saw her running towards them, her mind-boggling speed afforded them almost no time to crap their pants. As she rammed through the building, Emma tripped and dove through to the block behind it.

Even though they were the largest humans on the planet, the skyscraper was still a few dozen stories taller than her.

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Hundreds of tons of steel, glass and people fell onto her body as she tried to get up from falling down. Emma stood up and brushed the piles of debris off of her. As she took off after Kelsey, lucky survivors all over her body clung on for dear life. The combination of sweat and sex juice made it hard for those lower on her body to hold on. As Emma ran, people gradually lost their grip and plummeted to the ground to either slam to their deaths slower for some, depending on how they landedor be kicked by her quickly-moving legs and feet.

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While all of this was going on, Kelsey had run ahead and ducked behind a couple skyscrapers. As she slowed down her breathing, she realized that there were office workers in both building that were staring at her body, from her massive bouncing boobs to her shimmering pussy.

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She shook her head back and forth between the buildings and smiled. I know I do! She sat Indian-style, except instead of crossing her legs, she just brought her soles together, giving everyone a good view of her labia. Kelsey started to stroke her outer lips and let out a little purr. She leaned back and held herself up with her other hand, which landed on a couple parked cars. As her fingers started to work deeper inside her pussy to play with her clit, Kelsey instinctively stretched her legs out. She let her feet naturally rise vertical, crashing through the floors of several business offices.

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Some of lucky or unlucky ones ended up being sliced by her perfectly-pedicured toenails that had only gotten sharper from being hit up against so much other stuff. As she pleasured herself, Kelsey was oblivious to the gentle thuds of Emma tip-toeing up to the spot where she was pleasuring herself. Emma then had an idea. She crept forward on tiptoes, being careful to make as little noise as a several-hundred-foot tall girl could make on tiptoes.

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As she bucked up and down, she closed her eyes and tried to imagine how many people were watching the two of them get it on. Then she opened her eyes and noticed that there was an entire building of people that, for whatever reason, decided to stay and stare out the shiny glass sides at their antics instead of trying to run for their lives.

This turned her on even more. Kelsey started to moan a bit as things started to heat up. She then had a devious idea. She reached out with her hand, smashed it through the glass side of the office building, and grabbed a fistful of debris and people. Letting the moment take over all her thoughts, Kelsey mashed the wad in her hand onto her breast and rubbed it all over her hard nipples.