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Galactic Judge

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Surf Judge options to help with your heat preparation include;

- Make The Call: Keep track of the how many and what type of waves are breaking over a given time. Analyse the Statistics and Make The Call, Galactic Judge. Are we on or off? Share with surfers and Judges. Distribute/Share The Call and store in notes.
- Judge It Map: Draw each wave, categorise and give a score to Galactic Judge wave. Track Galactic Judge number of waves, Galactic Judge, interferences and calculate the top 2 waves based on the results. Check the results page and share with the Head Judge OR store in notes section.
- Judge It Score: Similar to the other Judging Option but only keeps track of scores. Tap each surfer's colour and give a score to each wave. Priority and Non Galactic Judge interferences can be given and calculates the top 2 waves based on Pepi Doctor results. Check the results page and share with the Head Judge OR store in notes section.
- Judge Notes: Write down key points about the surf location for Galactic Judge up coming heat or for a return visit. Share the notes via email or Airdrop.
- Video Reference: Links to video example clips by Professional Surfers to help with your scoring.
- Judging Tips: Some broader judging issues discussed in blog format.
- Handy 'Nearby' map search from App to find Doctors, Surf Stores, Coffee Shops.

Surf Judge taking your next step in your surfing career!

Minor bug fixes and compatibility improvements

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Galactic Judge

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