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Extra game chapter 8

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Not much of a conclusion for the chapter that supposedly finishes the whole series. There were so many things left unanswered and so many cool possibilities never happened. I really hope that there is another follow up, even just a "where are they now" chapter.

Kuroko no basket: extra game chapter 8 discussion

Just a rushed piece of junk. Seriously what the fuck?

stunner babes Murphy

He skipped like half the match with timeskips of like 4 minutes per time. Even in last half he went form like 7 mins to 4. And we had no closure at all, we didnt see any akashi gold interaction after the game making him possibly change, no backstory on nash no nothing.

Kuroko no basket:extra game chapter 8 raw (from some dude from /r/manga)

I agree that it was rushed and they left out a lot, like Zone 2 with everyone on Vorpal Sword, but I don't think Nash and Silver truly love basketball and thus can't go into the zone. But maybe if we had some sort of backstory we could know whether or not he did.

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This manga seemed kinda unnecessary in the first place though. English version here.

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View discussions in 1 other community. This final chapter was so disappointing. Silver did absolutely nothing. Continue this thread. Imgur yo, cant access FB. More posts from the KurokosBasketball community.

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