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Duck Life Treasure Hunt

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The most popular ducklings on Earth are back in the spin off to the #1 best selling game, Duck Life.

After the Fire Duck was defeated, the erupted volcano revealed an ancient cave, and treasure is inside! Are you ready to take the challenge and explore the cave? Are you swift enough to survive in this fast paced action adventure! In fact, Mr Boomi is the most epic adventure in the DuckLife world yet!

Wait a second, don’t tell me casino oynatan siteler haven’t taken on the Fire Duck yet? You may want to check out our first app, Duck Life. Become a part of the history!


• Run, jump and fly Duck Life Treasure Hunt the ancient cave as you try and collect as much treasure as possible
• Complete special challenges and become the ultimate cave explorer
• Fast paced action! Are you swift enough to survive?
• Dress your duck in crazy hats and give them awesome clothing!
• Adorable pets
• Adorable characters
• Outstanding graphics
• Captivating music
• Upgrade your duck with crazy gadgets to help you explore further
• Race against other ducks all over the world! Will you be the best treasure hunter? (Coming soon)

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

+ Fixed connecting to Facebook issue

Oylar ve Yorumlar

Not showing on the top 100 leaderboard

My best score is 306,703 I should be place 39th on the top 100 leaderboard but I’m not appearing, spent 4 hours on a run for nothing, not happy, please fix, my duck life name was phobos, apart from that, great game love it so much, even spent £2.99 to show my appreciation, which brings me to another problem, Duck Life Treasure Hunt, in the shop where you can spend money, It says it is $1.99 for the 3,200,000 coin option, but when I went to check out the cost was £2.99! Also bear in mind that one dollar is worth less than one pound. On my old phone I bought the $3.99, only it wasn’t $3.99 it was £5.99 this is misleading people into thinking they are spending less money than they actually are.
Apart from that love your game thanks for creating it!! Yours sincerely, YT Phoebosens



Not so Stunning

I would like to say that the game story is okay and there are no glitches and errors. But. the gameplay isn’t very exciting at all it’s an endless game of bad mini games and flying around in a cave collecting coins. So far in your makes this has not been the most impressive, I hope in your next Duck Life it’s more exciting.
But the game itself is alright. 😐

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MoFunZone Inc

102 MB

Games Duck Life Treasure Hunt

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Climby Hammer
Requires iPadOS 7.0 or later, Duck Life Treasure Hunt.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.

Yaş Sınırı

Telif Hakkı
© MofunZone Inc


Uygulama İçi Satın Alımlar

  1. Small Coins Pack£0.89
  2. Small Gems Pack£0.89
  3. Large Coins Pack£4.99
  4. Medium Gem Pack£1.79
  5. Medium Coins Pack£2.49
  6. Time Saving Pack£1.79
  7. Numismatics£2.49
  8. Purple Seed£2.49
  9. Ultimate Coins Pack£25.99
  10. NUMISMATICS£2.49

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