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Dream Cats Magic Adventure

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Did you know that cats have their own magic kingdom full of puzzles and treasures? Not so long ago, the magic cats of Catland were living peacefully in their kingdom ruled by Purrlin the Wisest. Then, the Evil Fog came and covered Catland, Dream Cats Magic Adventure, trapping its citizens in nasty roots. Now, when Purrlin is missing, and their world is no longer magical, cats Fernanfloo kittens need your help to bring friends back and restore their beloved homeland!

Join them in marvelous adventures and help beat the Evil Fog by completing amazing treasure hunting quests and renovating Catland!

* In Dream Cats: Magic Adventure, you are the one in charge of building and restoration. Set up cafes, factories, and spas to keep your kitties healthy and happy!
* Place buildings wherever you want and move them if you change your mind later. Your buildings can be as big as a castle or as sleek as a tower!
* Turn Catland into the paradise it once was and let your furry friends live the life they deserve!

* Ever wonder what Mermaid, Rapunzel, or wizard Merlin would look like as cats? Rescue these and many other kittens inspired by fairy tale and pop culture characters!
* Every cat has her own skills, habits, and favorite kitty games she likes to play. Dozens of cuddly kitties Dream Cats Magic Adventure charming personalities are waiting to meet you!

* This cat game offers terrific puzzles — like match-3 but way better! Journey to other worlds to collect precious resources – and more friends!
* You'll have your own team of fluffy adventurers. Their quests include exploring the magical worlds and picturesque locations inside the Portal. Join them, Dream Cats Magic Adventure, and you'll get to explore intricate gardens, snowy mountains, and endless deserts!
* Open various map tiles and discover rewards!

The Evil Fog is one step away from conquering Catland! Become the hero and win respect and admiration of a magic cats' kingdom!

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Hello, Cat Lovers! Let’s enjoy the dusting and polishing of our beloved Catland:
- Fixed some bugs and improved UI.
Let’s have fun and feel purrific!

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iOS 14.0 veya üst sürümünü gerektirir.
iPadOS 14.0 veya üst sürümünü gerektirir.
iPod touch Dream Cats Magic Adventure
iOS 14.0 veya üst sürümünü gerektirir.
Mac Dream Cats Magic Adventure
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