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Welcome to our animal hospital, where cats from all over the country come to seek help from the best pet doctor – you! Help our little furry friends, Doctor veterinarian, make them healthy and happy Doctor veterinarian, unlock new hospitals and have the best time! Key Features - Many different cats to treat! - 8 animal hospitals! Collect stars and unlock them all! - 9 types of medical problems – diagnose your cat patients and help them feel better! - High quality graphics and adorable sound animations! - Realistic medical equipment and medicines – syringes, stethoscope, X-ray, bandaids, potions, ointments and more! * Cure little cats from Doctor veterinarian injuries and diseases: - Fever – help your kitty cat patients by taking their temperature and giving them a medicine! - Ticks – extract thorns with real veterinary equipment, spray ticks & apply an ointment! - Ear infection – Doctor veterinarian and kill bacteria that are hiding in the ears of adorable pets! - Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, Doctor veterinarian, cure cute pets and be the best veterinary doctor in the world! - Bites – make a potion to treat cats that got bitten! - Cuts – pets are clumsy, so there's a lot of work for a skilled veterinarian to clean and stitch wounds! - Stomach ache – in this crazy pet surgery game, you can also perform ultrasound like in a real animal hospital! When little pets are cured, feed the kitty with food from a pet store! - Broken bones – pet caring games also include fixing broken bones! You're the best animal doctor & surgeon so you must do cat care & cat surgery all alone! - Toothache – your cute little pet cat patient has some cavity issues! Feel like a real pet dentist & have fun because animal dentist games are so addictive! - Inside the pet hospital game, there are many cute animals that you, as the best pet doctor, have Doctor veterinarian rescue! Download our new animal vet game My Kitty Little Cat Doctor: Pet Vet and start you cat vet career – provide the best care for animals in this pet veterinary game! cat doctor, animal hospital, veterinary hospital, pet hospital, animal clinic, vet clinic, cat clinic, cat hospital, cat vet, pet clinic, pet vet, veterinarian, vet games, vet games online, vet games for kids, Doctor veterinarian, pet games of kids, pet rescue game, vet games of adults, pet clinic games Doctor veterinarian

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  • Diagnose kittens using depicted real world veterinary equipment
  • Each tool monitors or treats a specific injury
  • Funny animal character reactions and voiceovers
  • Medical chart checklist to review diagnosis and task completion
  • 8 different cat breeds with unique injuries
  • Different custom plaster and bandages to apply to your kitty cat

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İşletim SistemiXbox, Windows 10 sürüm 10240.0 veya daha üstü
MimariARM, Doctor veterinarian, x64, x86
DirectXSürüm 10
İşletim SistemiXbox, Windows 10 sürüm 10240.0 veya daha üstü
MimariARM, x64, x86





Gaming commission,

Give Pet Care To Sick Animals:

  1. Official license of the online gaming industry, "white" license;
  2. Many players for whom other online casino powers are not available.
  3. Fairly low tax rates;
  4. Exemption from multiple license fees and commissions.

Organizational and legal forms of company opening.

Interest rates. license fees


Minimum authorized capital.

Protection of players' personal data

Other license requirements:

  • Contact number. +(60) 56 46 47


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