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Devilish Candy House

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Seasons 1-7 bölümleri (163)

1 Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's Sweet 16 becomes a truly magical birthday when she discovers she's a witch!

2 Season 1 Episode 2: Bundt Friday


Yalnızca sezonluk

Under the influence of truth sprinkles, Sabrina learns honesty is the best policy.

3 Season 1 Episode 3: The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie


Yalnızca sezonluk

Big trouble comes in a small package when Sabrina takes a babysitting job.

4 Season 1 Episode 4: Terrible Things


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's good intentions turn bad when she uses her magic to meddle in other people's lives.

5 Season 1 Episode 5: A Halloween Story


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina faces a frightful dilemma when she must be in two places at once for Halloween.

6 Season 1 Episode 6: Dream Date


Yalnızca sezonluk

Something's cooking when Aunts Hilda and Zelda use man dough to bake a date for Sabrina.

7 Season 1 Episode 7: 3rd Aunt from the Sun


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina's Aunt Vesta (Raquel Welch) pays an unexpected visit from the Other Realm, she is determined to show her niece the lighter side of life.

8 Season 1 Episode 8: Magic Joel


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's job as a magician's assistant is short-lived when she accidentally makes her boss disappear.

9 Season 1 Episode 9: Geek Like Me


Popular Libby manages to turn being a geek into a position of power.

10 Season 1 Episode 10: Sweet N' Sour Victory


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina casts a spell on herself to become an instant Kung-Fu master.

11 Season 1 Episode 11: A Girl and Her Cat


A Christmas Eve catnapping renews Salem's love for his family.

12 Season 1 Episode 12: Trial by Fury


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and her aunts use magic to show an unfair teacher that what goes around comes around.

13 Season 1 Episode 13: Jenny's Non-Dream


Yalnızca sezonluk

Behaving as mortals for just one night turns out to be more than the Spellman household can handle.

14 Season 1 Episode 14: Sabrina Through the Looking Glass


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's in a foul mood, and only Devilish Candy House great Brady Anderson can help her out of her slump.

15 Season 1 Episode 15: Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years


Yalnızca sezonluk

Aunts Hilda and Zelda experience growing pains when they turn into teenagers for the night.

16 Season 1 Episode 16: Mars Attracts


A winter vacation to Mars and a cute ski instructor test Sabrina's feelings for Harvey.

17 Season 1 Episode 17: First Kiss


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's first kiss becomes a test of true love when Harvey is turned into a frog.

18 Season 1 Episode 18: Sweet Charity


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina uses Libby's likeness to promote a community service program, the real Libby manages to steal the limelight.

19 Season 1 Episode 19: Cat Showdown


Yalnızca sezonluk

Salem enters a cat show to make some fast cash, but Sabrina uncovers a fur-raising scandal.

20 Season 1 Episode 20: Meeting Dad's Girlfriend


Yalnızca sezonluk

Love definitely isn't in the air when Sabrina meets her dad's new girlfriend.

21 Season 1 Episode 21: As Westbridge Turns


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sinister plots, tumultuous romance, danger, and intrigue - just Devilish Candy House day at Westbridge High, after Sabrina casts a spell wishing for more excitement.

22 Season 1 Episode 22: The Great Mistake


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina finds herself in a little trouble when she sneaks out of the house after being grounded.

23 Season 1 Episode 23: The Crucible


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is put on trial for witchcraft when her class visits historical Salem, Massachusetts.

24 Season 1 Episode 24: The Troll Bride


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina is tricked into marrying a troll, Devilish Candy House, only a prince - a.k.a, Devilish Candy House. Harvey - can save her.

25 Season 2 Episode 1: Sabrina Gets Her License (Part 1)


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's 17th birthday turns stressful when she has to start studying for her witch's license.

26 Season 2 Episode 2: Sabrina Gets Her License (Part 2)


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina learns about the responsibilities that come with using magic when she earns her witch's learner's permit.

27 Season 2 Episode 3: Dummy For Love


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina takes advantage of Vice Principal Kraft's attraction to Aunt Hilda.

28 Season 2 Episode 4: Dante's Inferno


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina learns not to date outside of her realm after a bad evening with a witch boy.

29 Season 2 Episode 5: A Doll's Story


Babysitting becomes a test of ingenuity when Sabrina's bratty little cousin turns her into a doll.

30 Season 2 Episode 6: Sabrina The Boy


Yalnızca sezonluk

The mysteries of men are revealed when Sabrina poses as a boy to figure out how they think.

31 Season 2 Episode 7: A River Of Candy Corn Runs Through It


Yalnızca sezonluk

Halloween is a scary night indeed when Sabrina and her aunts try to throw a normal party.

32 Season 2 Episode 8: Inna Gadda Sabrina


A time ball sends the town of Westbridge grooving back to the 1960s.

33 Season 2 Episode 9: Witch Trash


Yalnızca sezonluk

A family feud erupts when hillbilly cousins (Loni Anderson and Alice Ghostley) arrive from the Other Realm.

34 Season 2 Episode 10: To Tell A Mortal


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's Friday the 13th, and for one day only, Sabrina Devilish Candy House tell her friends she's a witch.

35 Season 2 Episode 11: What A Tangled Spell She Weaves


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's lack of attention with detail causes bad side effects to her magic.

36 Season 2 Episode 12: Sabrina Claus


Yalnızca sezonluk

A special visitor from the Other Realm helps Sabrina recapture the true spirit of Christmas.

37 Season 2 Episode 13: Little Big Kraft


Yalnızca sezonluk

Tired of Mr. Kraft's harsh rules, Sabrina concocts a potion to make him act like a teenager.

38 Season 2 Episode Devilish Candy House 5 Easy Pieces Of Libby


Yalnızca sezonluk

Libby is even harder to figure out after Sabrina accidentally turns her into a jigsaw puzzle.

39 Season 2 Episode 15: Finger Lickin' Flu


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina catches the flu in her pointing finger and accidentally transfers her Devilish Candy House to a teacher.

40 Season 2 Episode 16: Sabrina & The Beanstalk


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's beanstalk is right out of a fairytale, but it's more like a nightmare for Harvey.

41 Season 2 Episode 17: The Equalizer


Yalnızca sezonluk

Roland the troll takes Devilish Candy House Day too far when he steals Sabrina's heart.

42 Season Devilish Candy House Episode 18: The Band Show


Yalnızca sezonluk

Egos soar out of control when Sabrina uses magic to become a rock star.

43 Season 2 Episode 19: When Teens Collide


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina switches personalities with Libby, she uses her magic and newly found popularity.

44 Season 2 Episode 20: My Nightmare The Car


Yalnızca sezonluk

A talking car causes Sabrina a big headache.

45 Season 2 Episode 21: Fear Strikes Up A Conversation


Yalnızca sezonluk

Public speaking seems like a breeze for Sabrina after coming face-to-face with her fears in the Other Realm.

46 Season 2 Episode 22: Disney World


Yalnızca sezonluk

A school trip to Disneyworld becomes yet another test for Sabrina on the Devilish Candy House to her witch's license.

47 Season 2 Episode 23: Quiz Show


Sabrina realizes the importance of her Quizmaster after she inadvertently gets him fired.

48 Season 2 Episode 24: Sabrina's Choice


Yalnızca sezonluk

After her aunts decide to go their separate ways, Sabrina has to choose which of the two should raise her.

49 Season 2 Episode 25: Rumor Mill


Yalnızca sezonluk

Gossip flies when Sabrina does witch community service in the Other Realm rumor mill.

50 Season 2 Episode 26: Mom vs. Magic


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina faces the most difficult decision of her life when she must choose between Pirate Cards mom and her magic.

51 Season 3 Episode 1: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina learns she has to solve the family secret before she can use her Witches License.

52 Season 3 Episode 2: Boy Was My Face Red


Yalnızca sezonluk

An embarrassing moment leaves Sabrina red in the face.

53 Season 3 Episode 3: Suspicious Minds


Yalnızca sezonluk

Jealousy gets the best of Sabrina when Harvey and Libby are paired together for a school project.

54 Season 3 Episode 4: The Pom-Pom Incident


Sabrina's good intentions go bad when she prevents Valerie from trying out for the cheerleading Hikaye Oyunları src="">

55 Season 3 Episode 5: Pancake Madness


Yalnızca sezonluk

An addiction to pancakes threatens to send Sabrina's life spinning out of control.

56 Season 3 Episode 6: Good Will Haunting


Yalnızca sezonluk

Halloween turns truly frightful when a demented doll takes charge of the festivities.

57 Devilish Candy House 3 Episode 7: You Bet Your Family


Yalnızca sezonluk

Salem's gambling debts get the best of him, but its Sabrina and her aunts who pay the price.

58 Season 3 Episode 8: And The Sabrina Goes To


A spell to get her just Sağlık leaves Sabrina with egg on her face instead.

59 Season 3 Episode 9: Nobody Nose * Libby Like Sabrina Nose * Libby


Yalnızca sezonluk

An out-of-control magic spaceship lands Sabrina and Salem inside Libby's brain.

60 Season 3 Episode 10: Sabrina and The Beast


In order to teach Sabrina a lesson about love and beauty, Harvey is turned into a beast.

61 Season 3 Episode 11: Christmas Amnesia


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas until Sabrina accidentally erases the holiday.

62 Season 3 Episode 12: Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's charitable magic turns out to be anything but a good deed.

63 Season 3 Episode 13: What Price Harvey?


Yalnızca sezonluk

Magical ambition shows its dark side when Harvey drops out of school to become an industrial tycoon.

64 Season 3 Episode 14: Mrs. Kraft


Yalnızca sezonluk

Mr. Kraft's ex-wife returns to win him Dynamite Snake, but Zelda isn't going to let him go without a fight.

65 Season 3 Episode 15: Sabrina and the Pirates


Yalnızca sezonluk

Purchasing a fake ID in the Other Realm causes Sabrina's magic to become fake as well.

66 Season 3 Episode 16: Sabrina the Matchmaker


It's Valentine's Day, and Sabrina must Cooking Tale - Food Games two people fall in love or suffer Cupid's wrath.

67 Season 3 Episode 17: Salem The Boy


Yalnızca sezonluk

Salem's return to human form is short-lived, thanks to Roland the Troll and Sabrina's unknowing wishes.

68 Season 3 Episode 18: Sabrina The Teenage Writer


Yalnızca sezonluk

When typed on a magical typewriter, Sabrina's spy story and its characters come to life.

69 Season 3 Episode 19: The Big Sleep


Yalnızca sezonluk

A vengeful aunt uses magic poppies to put the Spellman household to sleep.

70 Season 3 Episode 20: Sabrina's Pen Pal


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina discovers her new pen Devilish Candy House witch is wanted in two realms.

71 Season 3 Episode 21: Sabrina's Real Devilish Candy House sezonluk

Sabrina becomes the unknowing star of an Other Realm TV show.

72 Season 3 Episode 22: The Long and Winding Shortcut


Sabrina is stripped of modern conveniences after using shortcuts to solve her family secret.

73 Season 3 Episode 23: Sabrina The Sandman


Yalnızca sezonluk

Employed as a Sandman, Sabrina gets into trouble dropping into other people's dreams.

74 Season 3 Episode 24: Silent Movie


Yalnızca sezonluk

The Spellman house becomes the setting for a silent movie.

75 Season 3 Episode 25: The Good The Bad And The Luau


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's family secret reveals an evil twin.

76 Season 4 Episode 1: No Place Like Home


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's senior year of high school gets off to a rocky start.

77 Season 4 Episode 2: Dream a Little Dreama Me


Yalnızca sezonluk

Her Witches License and a new student bring Sabrina a new set of challenges.

78 Season 4 Episode 3: Jealousy


Yalnızca sezonluk

Jealousy gets the best of Sabrina when Harvey starts spending a lot of time with his new best friend.

79 Season 4 Episode 4: Little Orphan Hilda


Hilda and Zelda experience a life-changing event when they discover they are adopted.

80 Season 4 Episode 5: Spoiled Rotten


Yalnızca sezonluk

New charge card from the Other Realm causes Sabrina to forget that the most important things in life can't be bought.

81 Season 4 Episode 6: The Phantom Menace


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's Halloween, and Sabrina is having a ghoulish time adjusting to her new job at the coffeehouse.

82 Season 4 Episode 7: Prelude To A Kiss


Sabrina's new coffeehouse co-worker poses a threat to her relationship with Harvey.

83 Season 4 Episode 8: Aging Not So Gracefully


Sabrina goes a little overboard in her attempt to seem more mature for the attentions of a Devilish Candy House boy.

84 Season 4 Episode 9: Love Means Having To Say You're Sorry


Paying the price for kissing Josh, Devilish Candy House, Sabrina must adjust to life after Harvey.

85 Season 4 Episode 10: Ice Station Sabrina


Yalnızca sezonluk

A life-threatening situation forces Sabrina to risk exposing her magic to a witch hunter.

86 Season 4 Episode 11: Salem And Juliette


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina helps Salem find a date for his high school reunion.

87 Season 4 Episode 12: Sabrina Nipping At Your Nose


Yalnızca sezonluk

When the weather outside turns frightful, the Spellman's plan a trip to Jamaica.

88 Season 4 Episode 13: Now You See Her Now You Don't


Yalnızca sezonluk

Adhering to a fad diet from the Other Realm, Sabrina becomes so thin she literally disappears.

89 Season 4 Episode 14: Super Hero


Yalnızca sezonluk

Childhood dreams come true when Sabrina casts a spell that turns Harvey into a superhero.

90 Season 4 Episode 15: Love In Bloom


Valentine's Day gets complicated when Sabrina learns two boys are vying for her heart.

91 Season 4 Episode 16: Welcome Back Duke


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina discovers why the road to ruin is paved with good intentions.

92 Season 4 Episode 17: Salem's Daughter


As maid of honor, Sabrina pays the price for reuniting Salem with his daughter in time for her wedding.

93 Season 4 Episode 18: Dreama The Mouse


Brad's witch hunting gene goes into overdrive when Sabrina comes down with Spring Fever.

94 Season 4 Episode 19: The Wild Wild Witch


The West gets even wilder when Sabrina takes the reins as town sheriff.

95 Season 4 Episode 20: She's Baaaack!


Cousin Amanda returns to give Sabrina a little competition in the teenage witch --and love-- department.

96 Season 4 Episode 21: The Four Faces Of Sabrina


Choosing a college literally tears Sabrina apart when she tries too hard to make everyone else happy.

97 Season 4 Episode 22: The End Of An Era


Yalnızca sezonluk

After four years of enduring Sabrina's spells and strange behavior, Harvey finally suspects she's a witch.

98 Season 5 Episode 1: Every Witch Way But Loose


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is finally over her ex-boyfriend Harvey, Devilish Candy House, who dumped her after he learned she is a witch and she is ready to move on.

99 Season 5 Episode 2: Double Time


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is thrilled about her first day of college and starts off by making a huge breakfast for herself, Devilish Candy House, Roxie, and Miles.

100 Season 5 Episode 3: Heart of the Matter


Yalnızca sezonluk

Hilda is anxious to make changes at the coffeehouse, in hopes to boost sales.

101 Season 5 Episode 4: You Can't Twin


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina returns home to do a ton of laundry and spends time with her aunts and Salem. Hilda reveals that she has found the love of her life, Alec, and will be going out on a date with the handsome guy.

102 Season 5 Episode 5: House of PI's


Yalnızca sezonluk

Hilda is desperately on the hunt to find more live performances to act at the coffeehouse. She is begging for Zelda to perform but Zelda refuses.

103 Season 5 Home Design Caribbean Life 6: The Halloween Scene


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is excited because Halloween, Devilish Candy House, her favorite holiday of the year, has arrived, Devilish Candy House. She cannot wait to begin celebrating and wants her friends to share in her excitement.

104 Season 5 Episode 7: Welcome Traveler


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and Miles are in philosophy class discussing existentialism, Devilish Candy House. The class ends, they exit and are greeted by two other philosophy students, Heather and Jason. The pair tells Miles that they are impressed by the knowledge he displayed in class while ignoring Sabrina.

105 Season 5 Episode 8: Some Of My Best Friends Are Mortals


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is having boy trouble and it seems that there is nobody Devilish Candy House there that understands her.

106 Season 5 Episode 9: Lost At C


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is taking an English course from the teacher who has the reputation for being the hardest grader at school, Professor Carlin.

107 Season 5 Episode Codycross Tatil Köyü Grup 545 Bulmaca 5 Cevapları Sabrina's Perfect Christmas


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's the Holiday Season and Sabrina decides that this year she wants to spend Christmas with a mortal family, not with her Aunts.

108 Season 5 Episode 11: My Best Shot


Yalnızca sezonluk

Josh has discovered a new artistic outlet: photography. He pursues it passionately. Hilda is annoyed that Josh is spending more time on his photography than working at the coffeehouse.

109 Season 5 Episode 12: Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock


Yalnızca sezonluk

Aunt Hilda's birthday is here and Sabrina is determined to make it her best one yet. But Hilda is reluctant to have a party and doesn't want her birthday to be celebrated or even mentioned.

110 Season 5 Episode 13: Sabrina's New Roommate


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and Hilda are constantly amazed with how uptight Zelda is. When Hilda starts her Devilish Candy House of re-finishing the wooden floors, Zelda can not stand the mess that Hilda creates, so Zelda moves into Sabrina's apartment.

111 Season 5 Episode 14: Making the Grade


Yalnızca sezonluk

Roxie is stressed because she has a five-page paper to write on "Hamlet" on top of her other homework.

112 Season 5 Episode 15: Love is a Many Complicated Thing


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's a couple of days before Valentine's Day and Sabrina is disappointed because she really likes Josh but he's dating Morgan.

113 Season 5 Episode 16: Sabrina the Muse


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is happy and in love with her new boyfriend Kevin, Devilish Candy House, a musician. Kevin is inspired by Sabrina and writes songs about her.

114 Season 5 Episode 17: Beach Blanket Bizarro


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and her friends are frustrated because they have a lot of studying to do and exams to take before spring break.

115 Season 5 Episode 18: Witchright Hall


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is at the Spellman house having dinner with her aunts when a letter appears in the toaster. The letter explains that Cousin Marigold wants to send her daughter Amanda to live with the Spellmans for a year.

116 Season 5 Episode 19: Sabrina the Activist


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is feeling down and has been bottling up her emotions, Devilish Candy House. She is upset about her breakup with recent boyfriend Kevin, Devilish Candy House, her grades, Devilish Candy House, and feels unfocused in life.

117 Season 5 Episode 20: Do You See What I See?


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina keeps getting prank calls and can't figure out who keeps calling and hanging up. Miles comes home a short while later from visiting with his parents who continually hound him about becoming an accountant.

118 Season 5 Episode 21: Sabrina's Got Spirit


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and her roommates decide to throw a party since they haven't had one all year and decide on a luau theme.

119 Season 5 Episode 22: Finally


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is frustrated with all the single people at the coffeehouse who can't get up the nerve to ask other single people out on dates.

120 Season 6 Episode 1: Really Big Season Opener


Yalnızca sezonluk

Miles decided to make a student film in his favorite genre, horror. He enlists Sabrina as the producer on his film, Devilish Candy House, "The Blood of Mindy Adelman."

121 Season 6 Episode 2: Sabrina's Date with Destiny


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and her friends return to school from summer break. Miles is excited about being a guinea pig for research experiments to earn money and he recruits Roxie to do the same.

122 Season 6 Episode 3: What's News


Yalnızca sezonluk

Josh lands a job as a photojournalist for the Boston Citizen, and is surprised to learn that Sabrina is a fan of his new boss, Mike Shelby.

123 Season 6 Episode 4: Murder on the Halloween Express


Yalnızca sezonluk

Hilda and Zelda are invited to attend a murder mystery party on the Halloween Mystery Train, which makes a stop in Boston.

124 Season 6 Episode 5: The Gift of Gab


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and Roxie are thrilled to get Devilish Candy House own show on the campus radio station, a two-hour talk show they dub "Chick Chat."

125 Season 6 Episode 6: Thin Ice


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina finds herself in a jam when ex-boyfriend Harvey requests that she use her magical powers to help him.

126 Season 6 Episode 7: Hex Lies and no Videotape


Yalnızca sezonluk

Josh gets Sabrina an internship at the Boston Citizen where he works.

127 Season 6 Episode 8: Humble Pie


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina and her roommates discover that Morgan didn't pay her portion of the rent when the housing office sends a student to replace her in the house.

128 Season 6 Episode 9: A Birthday Witch


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina receives an unexpected surprise on her birthday, Alışveriş Koşusu visit from her evil Aunt Irma, the matriarch of the Spellman family.

129 Season 6 Episode 10: Deliver Us from Email


Yalnızca sezonluk

Intern Sabrina wants to propose writing her own column about the college experience for the Boston Citizen to editor, Mike Shelby.

130 Season 6 Episode 11: Cloud Ten


Yalnızca sezonluk

In an attempt to escape her problems, Sabrina decides to visit her childhood friend, Cathy Winter, in the other realm.

131 Season 6 Episode 12: Sabrina and the Candidate


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is assigned to research the local city councilman election for an article, which will run in the Boston Citizen.

132 Season 6 Episode 13: I Think I Love You


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's relationship with Josh couldn't be going better until Josh tells her that he loves her.

133 Season 6 Episode 14: The Arrangement


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's devilish Aunt Irma (Barbara Eden) returns for yet Devilish Candy House unexpected visit.

134 Season 6 Episode 15: Time After Time


When Zelda's boyfriend breaks-up with her she cooks up a storm to drown her sorrows.

135 Season 6 Episode 16: Sabrina and the Kiss


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina gets an unexpected surprise when ex-boyfriend Derek stops by to say hello.

136 Season 6 Episode 17: The Competition


Yalnızca sezonluk

A friendly game of tennis turns into a battle of the sexes when Josh tells Sabrina that women are not as competitive as men. Andy Roddick guest stars.

137 Season 6 Episode 18: I Busybody


Yalnızca sezonluk

Always willing to help others with their problems, whether they ask for it or not, Devilish Candy House, Sabrina finds herself in a heap of trouble when her advice goes awry.

138 Season 6 Episode 19: Guilty


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina uses a little magic to get Zelda nominated for the Professor of the Year Award, Devilish Candy House, she has no idea what she's started.

139 Season 6 Episode 20: The Whole Ball of Wax


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Sabrina gets an eerie feeling that she Devilish Candy House being followed Codycross New York, New York! Grup 362 Bulmaca 1 Cevapları decides to take matters into her own hands and ends up face-to-face with her mother, Devilish Candy House, Devilish Candy House src="">

140 Season 6 Episode 21: Driving Mr. Goodman


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina persuades Miles Goodman to get his driver's license and finds herself in the middle of a nasty lawsuit.

141 Season 6 Episode 22: I Fall to Pieces


Yalnızca sezonluk

When Hilda's boyfriend breaks-up with her, she is devastated and claims that she is through with men.

142 Season 7 Episode 1: Total Sabrina Live


Yalnızca Devilish Candy House search for a job takes her to NYC and the MTV Television studios.

143 Season 7 Episode 2: The Big Head


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina encounters an egotistical musician.

144 Season 7 Episode 3: Call Me Crazy


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's new coworkers think she's crazy! Guest appearance by Ashanti.

145 Season 7 Episode 4: Shift Happens


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina switches personalities with Da Brat.

146 Season 7 Episode 5: Free Sabrina


Yalnızca sezonluk

Reporter Sabrina follows a story and almost lands herself in jail.

147 Season 7 Episode 6: Sabrina Unplugged


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina discovers the magic of a sexy red dress.

148 Season 7 Episode 7: Witch Way Out


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina might lose her friends and her magic. Guest appearance by the Goo Goo Dolls and Verne Troyer.

149 Season 7 Episode 8: Bada Bing


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina crosses Buggy Rider mob in her quest for a story. Avril Lavigne and Garry Marshall guest stars.

150 Season 7 Episode 09: It's a Hot Hot Hot Christmas


Yalnızca sezonluk

The girls spend Christmas in Miami where Roxie runs into her ex-con mom. Kate Jackson guest stars.

151 Season 7 Episode 10: Ping


Yalnızca sezonluk

It's fame versus friendship when the girls vie for a spot on a popular television talent show.

152 Season 7 Episode 11: The Lyin, The Witch, and The Wardrobe


Yalnızca Devilish Candy House white lies do more harm than good. Guest appearance by singer Daniel Bedingfield.

153 Season 7 Episode 12: In Sabrina We Trust


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina uses magic to regain Roxie's trust.

154 Season 7 Episode 13: Sabrina in Wonderland


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina scrambles to avoid cupid's arrow.

155 Season 7 Episode 14: Present Perfect


Yalnızca sezonluk

The harder Sabrina tries to be perfect, the more mistakes she makes.

156 Season 7 Episode 15: Cirque Du Sabrina


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's new boyfriend has thrown her life seriously out of balance.

157 Season 7 Episode 16: Getting to Nose You


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina tries to tell Aaron she loves him.

158 Season 7 Episode 17: Romance Looming


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina cheats the fates and Aaron proposes marriage.

159 Season 7 Episode 18: Spellmanian Slip


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina meets her future in-laws and almost loses her fiancé.

160 Season 7 Episode 19: You Slay Me


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina turns into a dragon lady while planning her wedding.

161 Season 7 Episode 20: A Fish Tale


Yalnızca sezonluk

Aunt Irma causes trouble when she finds out Sabrina is marrying a mortal.

162 Season 7 Episode 21: What A Witch Wants


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina's friendship with Roxie and Morgan is put to the test.

163 Season 7 Episode 22: Soul Mates


Yalnızca sezonluk

Sabrina is plagued by doubts on her wedding day.






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