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Delicious - Wonder Wedding

Delicious - Emily's Cook & GO mod

To celebrate 10 years Delicious - Wonder Wedding Delicious we're bringing you a special Anniversary Edition with endless gameplay! In Delicious - Emily’s Cook & GO you serve dishes in 17 locations all over the world, Delicious - Wonder Wedding. Start cooking meals in an exotic Hawaiian kitchen where you get the chance to prepare many tasty recipes. As you become a super skilled chef you Hello Summer an exquisite English diner, a fantastic French café and a beautiful Brazilian restaurant. If the fancy takes you, you can even travel to cozy kitchens in Germany, China, Holland, New York, South Africa, Australia, Italy and India. Can you take the heat?! Then play in frenzy mode for a real feverish cooking challenge… Have a lot of fun, and become a happy cooking star!The first location is free with an in-game unlock for the full complement of locations.Game features:- Enjoy this special Anniversary Edition of Delicious- Take a trip down memory lane with Emily and play in classic locations from True Love, Home Sweet Home and other Delicious games- Check the leaderboards to follow your friends and stay ahead of the competition!- Play the perfect on-the-go game- Travel to exotic locationsall over the world- Serve tasty dishes like potato chips, sweet candy and chocolate cakes- Enjoy endless time management funGet to know all about Emily: Become a Delicious fan on Facebook: other Delicious - Emily games:- Delicious - Emily's Hopes and Fears- Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home- Delicious - Emily's New Beginning- Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise- Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding- Delicious - Emily's True Love

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