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Deer Simulator

Deer Simulator: Animal 3D Game

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Live the life of wild deer in a big fantasy forest and face multiple jungle adventure challenges in Deer Simulator: Animal 3D Game. Survival in multiple open-world locations like desert, arctic & savanna jungle with RPG quest-based action fighting gameplay. Start your challenging life in this 3D deer simulator with deer games. This deer survival has many scenarios like deer family, a clan with the rabbit, revenge missions and usage Deer Simulator teleport power. Breed little deer fawns and take care of them, Deer Simulator, bring food for a mate in deer simulator games. Starts of the wild deer game the hunter killed your mother and you need to run away in the deer survival game with the fusion of wild animal simulator games.

In your journey, you will see many different creatures. In the forests live various predators and herbivores. Sometimes more dangerous creatures come into the forest, Deer Simulator. Deer Simulator need to be prepared to protect your family from attacks by foxes, Deer Simulator, wolves, cougars, goats, snakes and even knights! Villages are inhabited by people and domestic animals - chickens, roosters, cows, pigs, cats, dogs, etc.

It’s time to enjoy this Deer Simulator: Animal 3D Game and become a wild deer. Raise your family and start breeding. Play in the shape of a clan or group and have fun in the jungle with your rabbit friends. Fight with other wildcraft animal clans and take revenge.

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23 Ara 2021






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