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Deep sleep game walkthrough

Deep Sleep is on the concept of lucid dreaming, a state in which one is aware that one is dreaming. Deep Sleep is incredibly effective at convincing us we belong to this dream state.

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Thank you so much for your walkthroughs!!!!! It helped so much so thank you!! After waking up, you'll find yourself in a room. Keep clicking the shadowed figure slightly to the left, until you finish a conversation.

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Deep Sleep Trilogy game guide focuses on all achievements.

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The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on List of achievements and how to achieve them. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you. A game about being stuck in a nightmare dream was then followed by Deeper Sleep in and The Deepest Sleep in The Deep Sleep Trilogy is a compilation of his original popular web series, preserved for Steam.

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Ring the bell a few more times after you return from the elevator scene. You may not need to ring it so many times or wait until after the elevator scene.

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This is just what I did to get the achievement. You may only need to ring it a few times, leave the room and come back, and then ring it some more. Let me know in the comments!

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This is through the elevator that needs a passcode to open. Next, use your silver key to open the first locked door you find in the game.

Achievements guide

If you remember the words etched on the wall from the first game than place the stuffed tiger on the appropriate bed. Ring that bell some more. Ring it when you first go downstairs from the library.

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Leave the room and then come back and ring it a few more times. Go into the room with the horse painting and find the second note in the bottom left corner of the empty bookcase.

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In the next holding cell you will see a note at the bottom right of the cell. To the right of the room with the deer mount. It is in the classroom and under the middle desk. This one is quite hard to see.

Deep sleep

Further up the same hallway as note 7, go right into the toy room. The note is at the top of the shelf on the right side of the room. Once you enter the room past where you need to place the 5kg weight, look at the pipes and you should see a note stuck between them. This note can be found on the first screen on the way to the fountain, after the watermill.

It is just along the bottom of the tree-line over the dried-up river. The final note can be found after opening the center door in the kitchen.

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You can see it though the window on the door, to the left of the room. Click it to get the achievement. Do not let the bar that appears at the top go all the way. The bottom feeder will move to attack you and you will have to replay for the achievement.

You will find a lever.

Wake up! you have to wake up!

Wait for the bar at the top to go all the way down to grey before pulling it. The door to the right of the room is on a time limit so quickly without going fast enough to break the bar move your cursor to the doorway and click.

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Hope it will help you. Have fun. Wake up!

Deep sleep

You have to wake up! Now you can own all the 3 titles gathered in one game on Steam!

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This achievement will unlock at the end of the game. The note is in the bottom left of the fireplace 6. It is on the left side of the screen in the hallway. Below a tree is the hidden note. Similar Posts: None Found.