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Android Uygulaması CyberDunk Basketbol Menajerlik CyberSports Tarafından Geliştirilen Cyber Dunk Spor7 Altında Listelenmiştir. Mevcut Sürüm, 16/04/ Tarihinde Piyasaya Sürülen Varies with device'dır. CyberDunk Basketbol Menajerlik Şu Anda Ortalama Derecelendirme Değeri Derecesine Sahiptir.

CyberDunk2 de' istediğin şekilde kendi oyuncunu yaratabilir ya da Cyber Dunk takımını gerçek insanlarla standardcode.euı draft edebilirsin'antrenman yaptırabilir,maçlara girebilir,1 e 1 lere bile sokabilirsin.

Text-based manager. Captain Underpants Yapboz Oyunu for "statfreaks" and strategists.

This basketball MMORPG is community driven. There's a limit of players that you can have on a single team. The season codras of about 61 days with league play, tournaments and a world championship (where managers are voted by their fellow countrymen ). Games are simmed live, so make sure you choose a league in which you can be present at game time.

This project is a reincarnation of a previously, mildly successful basketball game: CyberDunk launched back in ( and still active ). CyberDunk2 is still in its infancy, Cyber Dunk, in its first seasons. So, it is my recommendation for you to join and have a shot at becoming the best. Among the things very different from that early game, would be the fact in CyberDunk2: missing a training day will not cripple your basketball player for his entire career, the fact that you can now create older players and complete at the highest levels much quicker, the skillpoints you receive for every game and that ( starting Cyber Dunk career later in the season ) allows you to get the skillpoints as if you started on the first day.
Its a different environment, a higher quality Dessert Dress Up and just the place to be right now ;).

While the app allows for some offline browsing, obviously it needs to connect to our servers in order to save changes and get you the updated information.

The game is updated frequently. Don't forget to check the site as well. We have a live chat there for urgent matters.

Thank you for your time and I'm hoping you'll enjoy this basketball manager game.

Şu Anda Varies with device Sürümünü Sunuyoruz. Bu En Son, Cyber Dunk, En Uygun Sürümümüz. Birçok Farklı Cihaz Için Uygundur. Ücretsiz Indirme Doğrudan Google Play Store'dan Veya Diğer Sürümlerden Apk Barındırıyordu. Ayrıca, Kayıt Olmadan Indirebilirsiniz Ve Giriş Gerekmez.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Cyber Dunk, Sony, Tablet Için +'dan Fazla Mevcut Cihazımız Var.

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