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Yayınlanma: 5 Temmuz 2017
Virtual Rides III is currently the best game out on the market within the funfair/carnival simulator genre. ZKW, the developer of the game, released an earlier game called Funfair Ride Simulator 3 which was first released on mobile devices, explaining the gameplay mechanics, dlc packs and graphics of that game. Virtual Rides III is their more in-depth and realistic take on the funfair genre.

VR3 is the successor to VR2, which was released in 2014. Although fans had to wait a very long time for VR 2, it lacked a certain depth. You were given five rides to control with enhanced and updated graphics and that was all. I was personally very excited when VR3 was announced. Virtual Rides III lets you enjoy the game within two different perspectives just as the original games, but expanded into depth and gameplay possibilities. You can choose to wander around the fairground area and look at the crowd Codycross Brezilya Turu Grup 778 Bulmaca 2 Cevapları to their surroundings. The crowd chooses which rides they want to enter, which foods they want to eat and they react to the style of control when it comes to your ride. You can be part of that, by also entering into the first person cam, which Customize Your Ride you in the seat of the funfair ride while you control it yourself. On the other hand, you are a business man, Customize Your Ride, a carnival ride owner. You can design your ride from the ground up, Customize Your Ride, change the name of the ride, change the runnings lights, colors, jingles and use echo effects within your microphone, just as the real funfair rides do in northern Europe.

The customization part of the game is great, Customize Your Ride, and really never lets me quit playing this game. This depth is what the series really needed. I also enjoy the smiley currency within the game. If you give away a good show during your ride, you will gain more smiles from your customers. You can use these smiles to upgrade your ride with additional effects and parts. However, I wished that it would be expanded more in future updates, together with additional rides. Only seven running light sequences are fairly little, together with the available themes. It would be cool if you could import your own themes by adding a image import feature within the game, just as the user can insert their own jingles and music. The game is based on German fairgrounds, Customize Your Ride, which depend on large rides to attract large crowds. I wish that you were able to control a larger variety of rides, such as kiddy rides (Carrousels, Customize Your Ride, ufo jets, balloon rides), and some of the rides from FRS 3 and other amusement parks (Monster III, Huss magic, rock express, top spin).

My final verdict is that this game resembles a realistic view on the fairground genre and lets you enjoy countless hours of good fun. Especially the customization is really additicing and enables you to really change the ride for the better towards your own liking. I am still looking forward to future updates and from this point of view on I believe the game can only become better in the Customize Your Ride. Price is decent for what you get, if you manage to get it during a sale it is basically a steal.

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Yayınlanma: 12 Mayıs 2018

Virtual Rides 3 is a funfair/carnival simulator with 14 attractions so far. I really enjoyed spending couple hours in this game, but you have to really like this kind of game to play longer than that.
You may run around the fairground area to look at the crowd reactions. Or you may control and customize rides, while being part of it - you may choose first person camera Sevgililer Günü 2017 Oyunu any ride.


+Graphics is great. Game looks colorful and bright, Customize Your Ride. Optimization could've been better though, but overall performance was ok.

+The customization part of the game is great, there's tons of options to customize and control. Different colors, lights, effects, upgrades, etc. You may spend many hours on that and you'll still be able to find something new.

+OnRide camera mode (First person POV) is really cool, definitely my favourite part of the game. Should be even better experience in VR.

+Crowd is made pretty decent, carnival atmosphere is realistic

+ Relatively easy to complete game with 100% achievements in about 2 hours (1 hour of gameplay + 1 hour of "idle")


-There's no real goal in the game, so you may be bored after a while.

-Almost no interaction with park visitors/stands/environment

This game is definitely not for everyone, it's a very niche genre, Customize Your Ride. Basically it's a very solid sandbox where you can endlessly customize your carnival rides. If you're into this kind of gameplay - you're gonna love this game.
For everyone else it could be a fun game for couple of hours.

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This game explains why the Indie Scene is far from dead, Good developers end up making one of the most addictive Ride Controlling Experiences. Having this game published on steam is good rep for Simulation Games, showing there is more than just having a park. Controlling a ride is even better! and with the ride Updates still going strongthis game is definitely worth it. (Actually its more of a Simulator than a game :P )

EDIT: As of 2018 No update has been recieved to this game, You need quite a strong rig to run this game.
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I like the game, it has already many cool rides and it has a great tutorial on the beginning how it all works. Customize Your Ride graphics are great and the possibility to add custom jingles and music makes the game more awesome!

I hope for many more awesome rides and features in the future! I will keep playing the game for hours and hours, keep up the great Customize Your Ride :)
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This is an Amazing game. the rides are detailed and customizable as hell, i love it at night with all the beautiful lights. Just one issue, (Thanks for Helping with the Jingles and Music) i recommend you get this if you love fair rides! :D
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Yayınlanma: 26 Ağustos 2019
Good Game!
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Yayınlanma: 9 Ağustos 2021
Great Funfair Ride Simulator with really good graphics and great Ride Simulations ! You have a big Fairground (Free roam actually) full of Rides to choose from and you can customize them to the Maximum ! You can even play your own songs on the Rides Speakers ! And you can use your Mic to entertain your customers while they ride ! I played for 40 hours now and i'm still having fun (i Customize Your Ride got all achievements too! So if you try to find a fun and enjoyable Ride simulator and always wanted to control one of the many Fairground rides ! This is the Simulation Game for you ! Its just Customize Your Ride ! And the litte reactions/Details from the people at the Fair like buying tickets or food or puking if you went a bit too harsh with the Ride experience just make this Simulator Traffic Racer 2 Oyunu amazing ! Its a 10/10 recommendation for everyone who enjoys the Fairground and it's many rides ! (the only problems i have with Customize Your Ride are some slight Customize Your Ride hiccups and the look of the Nps's the rest is perfect)
4 kişi bu incelemeyi yararlı Customize Your Ride src="" width="44" height="44">

Hi VR3 can u add dodgems/Bumper car rides for the next update.
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Dear PixelSplit developer team, we have been following one of your games-specifically Virtual Rides 3-for a while now. Normally we don't speak of this, but we have two new attarction ideas, that we think would further improve the game's vibe. If needed, we would provide financial help with the development process. As we have seen in the game, Customize Your Ride, each territory has 2 rides, so we have come up with two ideas. Both rides are from the former Budapest Funfair. One is T-Rex: ( ). The other is called Flying Circus: ( ). We would be honored to work together with your company and bring these ideas to life. Thank you in advance for your response.
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Apart from experiencing some performance issues at first and having to adjust the settings, I really enjoyed playing this game.
You can really see the developers’ dedication to this game. Yes, there are still some bugs and the performance issues need to be addressed as well. But all things considered, I really had a great time. Stickman Freeride you want more visitors on your fairground, I recommend changing the time to something around 6 pm or later. It took me some time to figure out the controls at first, but the options for the ride customization as well as the name editing option are just great!
All things considered, this game has a lot of potential and I am looking Customize Your Ride to an even better experience once bugs and performance issues have been fixed!
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