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Cooking Tale - Food Games

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Do you love food and cooking games? Play this kitchen game, cook and serve delicious food as a top chef and put your time-management skills to test! If you're ready to live the life of a rising star who's just graduated from the chef academy, share the fever and fun of cooking and baking with chef Audrey! Budge GameTime Tale will fill your dreams of being a chef and discovering various cuisines for sure! Travel and explore towns, each with a new cafe, coffee shop, bakery or diner! Every new episode on the map will bring you a new restaurant with new recipes and unique fun customers to deal with! A surprising illusionist and even a thief may stop by!

In this addictive time-management game you'll have to reach the maximum speed and skills! Your kitchen is equipped fully with all the utensils you need, and you'll find the Cooking Tale - Food Games advanced and useful ones in the Shop! Take orders, cook and serve dishes and upgrade your tools to the best! Sounds fun? Roll up your sleeves, get ready to cook and make customers happy with various challenges in this cafe world! Survive the frenzy and become the greatest chef ever!

If you want to have a fast-paced fun, play now and.

- Cook hundreds of different dishes!
- Discover amazing restaurants and towns on the map!
- Learn recipes from around the world!
- Serve super-fun customers on Cooking Tale - Food Games Upgrade and boost your kitchen with brand-new tools!
- Challenge the other chefs on every level!
- Connect with your friends to exchange gifts!
- Enjoy playing in both online and offline modes!

Discover the exciting map with more than 700 levels and addictive challenges! Play now!

Sürüm 2.563.0

- Various bugfixes
- Performance improvements

Oylar ve Yorumlar

It is a good game, but need to fixed the size

I have been playing this game for a long time. It is a very fun game to kill time. However, the newest update make it impossible to play. I have an iPhone X. after the updated, the image was zoomed too close, it cuts off the top and bottom, so I cannot see the customer’s patience heart or what it missing in my cooking equipment. Cannot play it until they fixed this problem.

Fun but can be frustrating

I enjoy playing the game, but agree with other reviews that even if you play the game perfectly, you can’t pass a level without power ups, I don’t think that’s right. Also I’ve noticed you can get large gaps of time waiting for customers. If you have limited time to pass the level, you shouldn’t have to wait for customers. Other levels ask to serve “x” type of customer or dish, but then that type of customer or dish doesn’t show up while playing. Right now my biggest issue is that I’m still playing when a level ends so quickly I accidentally “pay” to get additional customers for “cash”, which is a huge waste of money. I’ve lost $30 doing this. It made me angry because you can only get cash by reaching 3 starts on any level or by actually buying it, which is ridiculously expensive. The game should ask you twice if you’re sure you want to spend your cash. So even when it’s fun, the game could be improved. You should be able to buy cash with coins.

Hi there!
Customers and dishes are generated randomly Cooking Tale - Food Games to probability. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this than to change the whole game's mechanic and as you may understand, this is not possible. It is normal that some levels are harder -- even annoying -- than others. If you're stuck on a level, there are a few things you can try:
- Practice the recipes
- Upgrade your tools. You can play previous levels to earn Coins if you don't have enough.
Also please note that, you're not forced to buy the Extra Customers Jar at the end of the failed level, Cooking Tale - Food Games, you can always click the X button at the upper right corner of the pop-up!
Thank you for your review!

Unbelievably expensive

I love this game but it is so money hungry, Cooking Tale - Food Games. I have spent a fortune on this game no more, I will find something else to play. The other cooking games are not as bad as this one. You get nothing, no bonus nothing. I would not recommend it unless you are prepared to spend $100 or more to get through it. It is so fixed on you spending more and more😝 your answers stink because if you play former levels you still need money to get boosters and if you have none you have to purchase, purchase that is all this game is about is money. I will not put another dime in this game. I am done and gone.

This game gets worse as you get to higher levels I am not kidding I have spent $100’s on this game you get nothing. The developer should be reported to Better Business Bureau. Highway robbery these game should be called. You can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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Gamegos Teknoloji A.S.

99,4 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Cooking Tale - Food Games
Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Cooking Tale - Food Games, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

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  9. Loyalty Pack 2$1.99
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