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Discover local fishing spots, get 7-day fishing forecasts, and track all your catches with a robust fishing logbook. Connect with anglers, get tips & share your catches. 100% FREE to use with no hidden charges.

Main Features
• Explore local fishing maps that show locations, photos/videos and catch details
• Find the best times to fish with a real time fishing forecast
• Create your personal logbook and capture the details of every trip
• Share your catches with other anglers or keep it private
• Enjoy premium features with no subscription fees!

GPS Fishing Maps
• Discover new fishing spots near you
• Save fishing hotspots and waypoints as locations and log GPS coordinates with photos, videos and descriptions
• Advanced map filtering by catches, fishing spots, Connect Fish, reports, Connect Fish, buoys and stream gauges
• Search millions of bodies of water such as; lakes, rivers, oceans, streams and ponds

Fishing Forecast
• 7-day Euro Penaltı 2016 & land weather with hourly forecasts
• Real-Time NOAA Marine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring with wind, Connect Fish, wave, tide Parking Mania river flow rates
• Water temperature, precipitation, humidity and barometric pressure
• Global tide data and prediction charts with high tides and low tides

Solunar Forecast
• Find the best times to fish based on the "Solunar Theory"
• Easily navigate the fishing forecast to find the major and minor activity periods
• Sun & moon forecast which include sunrise, sunset, moon positions and astronomical phases
• Hourly charts to predict the best fishing times

Personal Logbook
• Upload your photos or videos to create your own digital fishing log and capture the Connect Fish of every catch
• 45+ logbook attributes that can be tagged to Connect Fish single catch
• Automatically log a catch with weather conditions, water temperature, sun & moon phases & more
• You have complete control over your privacy settings. Choose to share your fishing experiences or keep it private!

Top Bait & Gear
• Personalized tackle box to track your commonly used baits and lures
• Quickly tag a logged catch with the bait you used
• Get recommendations on what gear to use for each fish species
• Ability to add custom tackle with description and photo

Catch Stats
• Track catches, see trends, and more with personalized catch stats
• Keep track of what worked: including where, when and how
• Stats automatically update every time you log a catch

Connect with other Anglers
• Connect with anglers both locally or around the globe
• Find other anglers through discovery, Geo location or what fish species they are catching
• Share fishing photos, reports, and engage in conversation with other anglers
• Get fishing tips, tricks and more from the Fishing Spots community

Social News Feed
• We offer multiple news feeds including; Global, Local and Following
• The "Global" news feed includes posts from all anglers on the platform
• The "Local" news feed can be customized to a radius of 10-500 miles around you
• The "Following" news feed can be tailored by following specific fish species, anglers and bodies of water

Fishing Clubs & Groups
• Create or join fishing groups with other anglers who share the same fishing interests
• Perfect for fishing clubs, organizations or your closest fishing buddies
• Interested in bass, Connect Fish, fly, or saltwater fishing? We have a group for you!

Fish Species
• We have over 33,000 fish species in our database incl, Connect Fish. all variations of bass, trout, Connect Fish, walleye, carp, pike, catfish, etc.
• Track and follow any type of fish in any body of water from your local lake to the ocean
• Interested in catching Mahi, Tuna or Sailfish on your next big fishing trip? Just follow those fish Connect Fish to get local knowledge, fishing tips, top gear & more!

For general questions or support, please email us at [email protected]
Fishing Spots is powered by the FishAngler platform.

In this release we addressed some bugs and made some performance updates to enhance the user experience.

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