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Chuggington Ready to Build

Ride the rails in an exciting new Chuggington adventure for preschool kids! We Are The Chuggineers is the follow-up to the best-selling Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue storybook app from StoryToys. Based on the television special episode called Chuggineers: Ready to Build, this action-packed Chuggington Ready to Build includes dynamic, multi-level games, positive reinforcement and rewards, video clips, and fun interactions with the characters.

Danger looms as the Chuggineers build a bridge for the new high-speed link to Tootington — but eagle-eyed Brewster saves the day! Throughout the adventure, your child can play interactive games featuring brand new characters from Chuggington:


  • Track Challenge – Lay track with Zack!
  • The Big Dig – Tunnel deep into a mountain with Tyne!
  • Ring Rescue – Chase a runaway tunnel ring with Brewster and Cormac!
  • Tunnel Racer – Avoid obstacles and help Payce do her fastest tunnel run ever!


  • The official storybook app of the Dolphin Olympics 2 Ready to Build extended episode
  • Stars the newest Chuggers – Zack, Chuggington Ready to Build, Tyne, Fletch, Cormac & Payce
  • 17 pages of exciting story, animation and illustrations
  • 7 video clips from the TV show
  • 4 immersive 3D games (fun for the whole family!)
  • Positive reinforcement for reading and playing along
  • Win one of four stars when each game is completed: blue, green, red and gold.
  • Read to me, Read it Myself and Autoplay modes with highlighted text
  • Play again and again!


  • Kidscreen 2016 Award
  • Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award, 2015
  • 11 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards
  • 2 iLounge awards for best kids’ app
  • 2 Mom’s Choice gold awards
  • Mom’s Choice Silver award
  • Shortlist nominations for the FutureBook Digital Innovation Award
  • Best Kids’ App Ever winner
  • Longlisted for the DBW Publishing innovation award
  • 9 Tech With Kids Best Pick App Awards





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