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Craftsman Block World : Mountain Village Craftsman is Best Crafting & Building game is the completely free game for kids and adults, for boys and girls, explore the world, mining treasures and make new friends.

Explore infinite worlds and build things from the simplest like houses to the most magnificent like castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or dig deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to repel dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices. Awesome building & crafting game for everything Try this new style of building game Mini Land Craft Exploration is Master Craft game, unleash your imagination and create a whole Universe be creative in your own generated infinity world. Build cities and villages, castles and churches. Start building and show the world your constructions. Grow unique animals and monsters that will be available only to you, Block World. Engage in hunting and fishing, Block World. Play with friends in multiplayer mode and achieve maximum results.

In this Block World and totally free game you can destroy all the blocks, collect resources, building and crafting a very beautiful buildings.
Easily place the building blocks you wish to place and build Flick Rugby you can imagine.

Mini Land Craft Crafting Block World there is no storyline at all, but you can follow the plot of game marks scattered around the map in survival mode.
There is always something to do, the choice is yours: crafting, construction, fighting monsters and more. Meet the game with an endless and open 3D world with unlimited possibilities.

Are you ready to discover all the secrets of life in a mysterious cubic World?
Download Craftsman Block World : Mountain Village Craftsman now.
Thanks for playing!

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19 Eki 2021






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  1. Official license of the online gaming industry, "white" license;
  2. Many players for whom other online casino powers are not available.
  3. Fairly low tax rates;
  4. Exemption from multiple license fees and commissions.

Organizational and legal forms of company opening.

Interest rates. license fees


Minimum authorized capital.

Protection of players' personal data

Other license requirements:

  • Contact number. +(60) 56 46 47


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