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Start your duty as the American Tow Truck driver to lift, park and save busted and accidental cars, American Tow Truck. Traffic is blocked on modern city roads due to accidents and damaged cars Fish & Trip on roads. Be ready for the emergency and help people before they call 911 for help. Drive your tow truck on the city roads and rescue the people in trouble.

Find broken or damaged cars as a tow truck driver and transport it right to the car service station workshop or garage. Is it a car accident across the street? Its kind of work for a recovery truck driver! Even more entertaining that driving a simple car transporter! Feel like a real tow truck driver with this driving simulator in 3D!
This tow truck simulator brings you an amazing city tow truck parking entertainment among the latest releases of truck simulator 2022 games. Experience the car transporter frenzy in a realistic with your container truck in a city with different interesting towing truck scenarios.

Transport a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities
- Participate in auctions on the freight stocks and earn higher profits
- Manage your own business
- Build your own truck fleet
- Hire employees and manage your company for maximum profit
- Design your offices the way you want
- Update your trucks with lamps, Bumper, horn, cockpit lights and American Tow Truck modification options
Key Features

- 3 Luxury Big truck vehicles
- Realistic transporter truck simulation.
- levels of exciting tow truck simulator.
- Realistic urban car transport American Tow Truck Engaging & challenging towing truck scenarios.
- Smooth realistic gameplay.
- Optimized graphics

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29 Haz 2022






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