Good programming practices


Applet interaction with URL hash

March 15th, 2011

Applets don’t have to be just isolated box on a web page. They can communicate with a web page in which they are placed. Below is example of how can applet react to URL changes and also cause the changes.


  • Possibility to creates anchor which changes the state of an applet, for example selecting a tab in tabbed pane.
  • State changes are added to window history, so you can use back and forward buttons.
  • No need to reload applet nor web page.


EduFan 1.0 – educational programs

January 22nd, 2011

I decided to public my old (from 2005) project of small educational programs. They are written in Java and can be run either as applications or applets. Separate library contains some general-purpose GUI components. I put them here in version as they were more than 5 years ago, under the license GPL 2. I will adapt the license and code to current standards soon. More…