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Master dissertation

January 16th, 2011

As part of my dissertation I created software that optimizes the meta description of web pages for search engines. The theoretical part concerns the promotion in search engines. Practical part describes design and implementation of software. Below is the abstract and the entire text in PDF (only Polish version). In projects section is ready Thot software.


Intense competition between the web pages in the search engine results pages makes it necessary to optimize them. In this thesis was reviewed the methods and tools for the promotion of pages in search engines. In the implementation was created Thot system that automatically optimizes the description of the web pages. The description is one of the three items that are displayed for each search result item. Thot is installed as part of the web site and works with content management system. It weighs the words that users have typed before entering the website, using the Adaline neural network. Next Thot selects sentences from the content of web pages that best match searched words and builds from them the description. This makes that the description in the results adapts to users’ expectations. Thesis presents also the results of the system using data website.

Master thesis – System design supporting acquisition of search engine users PDF – 2,79 MB

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