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EduFan 1.0 – educational programs

January 22nd, 2011

I decided to public my old (from 2005) project of small educational programs. They are written in Java and can be run either as applications or applets. Separate library contains some general-purpose GUI components. I put them here in version as they were more than 5 years ago, under the license GPL 2. I will adapt the license and code to current standards soon.

Look at applets below, from different fields of science:

The Sun-Earth – simulates the rotation of Earth around the Sun, and calculates the angle of incidence of light.

Trigonometry – shows the relations between angle and all trigonometric functions.

Proportionality – calculate the direct and inverse proportionality.

In case of problems with reloading the applets, you should clear the classes cache by pressing “x” in Java console.

Download the complete binary version – 74 KB.

Download all sources – 69 KB

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