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Master dissertation

January 16th, 2011

As part of my┬ádissertation I created software that optimizes the meta description of web pages for search engines. The theoretical part concerns the promotion in search engines. Practical part describes design and implementation of software. Below is the abstract and the entire text in PDF (only Polish version). In projects section is ready Thot software. More…

Hybrid class with JavaScript and PHP

January 9th, 2011

JavaScript and PHP are very often used together in one project. In order to facilitate programming with these two languages I created a library that allows you to implement part of the class in JavaScript, and the rest in PHP. In this way, you can call a JavaScript method written in PHP. The developer can focus on creating code, and synchronization is done by the library.


Objects in JavaScript are client-side, allowing you to interact with the user. Logical layer remains on the server side.

  • Create and modify objects in the GUI, which are next written in PHP, for example in a database.
  • Validation of data entered by the user.
  • Hiding parts of the implementation from the user.
  • Use features not available in JavaScript. More…